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That's Maths - The Mathematical Magic in Everyday Life

Peter Lynch

Riemann-Roch Spaces and Computation

Paraskevas Alvanos

Scientific Computing - For Scientists and Engineers

Timo Heister, Leo G. Rebholz

Mathematics for the Physical Sciences

Leslie Copley

Python Programming: The Fundamental Beginner’s Guide to Learning Python

Thomas Jackson

Amazing Fractal Images: Postcards from the Complex Plane

Rick McKeon

Polycubes Triangulations and Polyhexes over Zn

Raymond R. Fletcher III

A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities

Pierre Simon Laplace

The Mental Math Magician: Underground Secrets and Tricks to Amazing Lightning Speed Math and Becoming a Real Life Human Calculator - Mental Math #1

Hugo Briggs

Ordinary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems - Volume I: Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations

Johnny Henderson, John R Graef, Lingju Kong;Xueyan Sherry Liu

The System of the World(Best Navigation Active TOC)

Isaac Newton

Calculus in 5 Hours: Concepts Revealed so You Don't Have to Sit Through a Semester of Lectures

Dennis Jarecke

Probability and Random Number - A First Guide to Randomness

Hiroshi Sugita

BAYES Theorem

Jeffery Short

Calculus Made Easy - A Simple Introduction to Those Terrifying Methods Called The Differential and Integral Calculus

Silvanus P. Thompson

Lectures on Selected Topics in Mathematical Physics - Introduction to Lie theory with applications

William A Schwalm

Dear Martin Dear Marcello - Gardner and Truzzi on Skepticism

Dan Richards

A Differential Equation from a Parallel Universe

Julio César Martínez Romero

Basic Theory Of Fractional Differential Equations

Yong Zhou

An Introduction to the Theory of Wave Maps and Related Geometric Problems

Dan-Andrei Geba, Manoussos G Grillakis

Differential Equations as Models in Science and Engineering

Gregory Baker

Asymptotic Issues For Some Partial Differential Equations

Michel Marie Chipot

Quantum Calculus: New Concepts Impulsive Ivps And Bvps Inequalities - New Concepts Impulsive IVPs and BVPs Inequalities

Bashir Ahmad, Sotiris Ntouyas

Differential Equations - An Introduction to Basic Concepts Results and Applications

Ioan I Vrabie

Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations for the Beginner

László Székelyhidi

Geometric Analysis Around Scalar Curvatures

Fei Han, Xingwang Xu;Weiping Zhang

Introduction to Modern Finsler Geometry

Yi-Bing Shen, Zhongmin Shen

Discrete Fourier and Wavelet Transforms - An Introduction through Linear Algebra with Applications to Signal Processing

Roe W Goodman

Fractional Dynamics

Carlo Cattani, Hari M. Srivastava, Xiao-Jun Yang

Nonlinear Interpolation And Boundary Value Problems

Johnny Henderson, Paul W Eloe