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Number Theory

IntroBooks Team

Challenging Prime Number Problems

Gerald Patterson

A theorem on the Golden Section and Fibonacci numbers

Rolando Zucchini

Galois Theory and Applications - Solved Exercises and Problems

Mohamed Ayad

A Book - A Series of Essays

Manuel Pagan

Factoring and Algebra - A Selection of Classic Mathematical Articles Containing Examples and Exercises on the Subject of Algebra (Mathematics Series)

Authors Various

The Secret Harmony of Primes

Sam Vaseghi

The conjecture of Syracuse - II edizione

Rolando Zucchini

Mathematics And The World's Most Famous Maths Problem: The Riemann Hypothesis

Jeffrey Todd

The Mathematical Theory of Communication

Claude E Shannon, Warren Weaver

Modular Representation Theory Of Finite And P-adic Groups

Wee Teck Gan, Kai Meng Tan

Number Theory: Plowing And Starring Through High Wave Forms - Proceedings Of The 7th China-japan Seminar - Proceedings of the 7th China??????Japan Seminar

Masanobu Kaneko, Shigeru Kanemitsu, Jianya Liu

Mathematical Ideas And Solutions To Unsolved Problems