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Theory of Thought - Symbolism

Jason Shaw

Big Data - Does Size Matter?

Timandra Harkness

The Rise of Statistical Thinking 1820–1900

Theodore M. Porter

The Mathematician's Mind - The Psychology of Invention in the Mathematical Field

Jacques Hadamard

The Secret Formula - How a Mathematical Duel Inflamed Renaissance Italy and Uncovered the Cubic Equation

Fabio Toscano

Risk Choice and Uncertainty - Three Centuries of Economic Decision-Making

George G. Szpiro

Islands of Order - A Guide to Complexity Modeling for the Social Sciences

J. Stephen Lansing, Murray P. Cox

Knock on Wood - Luck Chance and the Meaning of Everything

Jeffrey S. Rosenthal

Beyond Coincidence

Brian King, Martin Plimmer

Outnumbered - From Facebook and Google to Fake News and Filter-bubbles – The Algorithms That Control Our Lives

David Sumpter

Weirder Maths - At the Edge of the Possible

David Darling, Agnijo Banerjee

The Mathematical Imagination - On the Origins and Promise of Critical Theory

Matthew Handelman

New Concept Mathematics - An Interactive approach to learning Basic Mathematics

Brown Mark

The Discrete Charm of the Machine - Why the World Became Digital

Ken Steiglitz

Vedic Mathematics - Secrets skills for quick accurate mental calculations

Sumita Bose

The Calculus Gallery - Masterpieces from Newton to Lebesgue

William Dunham

Wonders Beyond Numbers - A Brief History of All Things Mathematical

Johnny Ball

Chaos Bound - Orderly Disorder in Contemporary Literature and Science

N. Katherine Hayles

Mathematical Thaumaturgy - Doing The Math that Make You Laugh

Alabi Stephen

Mentally Calculate It - Gateways To Becoming A Human Calculator

Alabi Stephen

Quantum Groups

Vladimir K. Dobrev

Philosophy of Mathematics

Øystein Linnebo

Why Stock Markets Crash - Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems

Didier Sornette

Wavelet Analysis on the Sphere - Spheroidal Wavelets

Sabrine Arfaoui, Imen Rezgui, Anouar Ben Mabrouk

The Eudaemonic Pie

Thomas A Bass

Everyday Calculus - Discovering the Hidden Math All around Us

Oscar Fernandez

The End of Average - How We Succeed in a World That Values Sameness

Todd Rose

That's Maths - The Mathematical Magic in Everyday Life

Peter Lynch

Fashion Faith and Fantasy in the New Physics of the Universe

Roger Penrose

Riemann-Roch Spaces and Computation

Paraskevas Alvanos