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The Green Marble - Earth System Science and Global Sustainability

David Turner

Interdependence - Biology and Beyond

Kriti Sharma

Cyber-Proletariat - Global Labour in the Digital Vortex

Nick Dyer-Witheford

Information Politics - Liberation and Exploitation in the Digital Society

Tim Jordan


IntroBooks Team

Algorithms: An Introduction to The Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Used to Solve Human Decisions Advance Technology Optimize Habits Learn Faster & Your Improve Life

Trust Genics

Biggest Cyber Crimes in the History

IntroBooks Team

Don't Let The Robots Ruin Your Career Plans!

Michael Pilinski

Mobile Malware Infringement and Detection

Abdul Razaque, Amer Al Rahayfeh

Inbook1 - 1 #1

Peter N Okafor

Systems Thinking and Chaos - Simple Scientific Analysis on How Chaos and Unpredictability

Albert Rutherford

Machine Learning : A Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide To Learning And Understanding Machine Learning From Beginners Intermediate Advanced To Expert Concepts and Techniques

Peter Bradley

Preparing Kids for Artificial Intelligence Takeover

Garry Jason

Excel VBA - Intermediate Lessons in Excel VBA Programming for Professional Advancement - 2

Peter Bradley

Machine Learning - A Complete Exploration of Highly Advanced Machine Learning Concepts Best Practices and Techniques - 4

Peter Bradley

Machine Learning - A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to Learning and Applying Advanced Concepts and Techniques in Machine Learning - 3

Peter Bradley

Machine Learning: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to Learning and Understanding Machine Learning Concepts Technology and Principles for Beginners - 1

Peter Bradley

Machine Learning - A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to Intermediate Concepts and Techniques in Machine Learning - 2

Peter Bradley

The Dark Physics of The Universe

Burtay Mutlu

The Art of Thinking in Systems - Improve Your Logic Think More Critically and Use Proven Systems To Solve Your Problems

Steven Schuster

The Systems Thinker - Essential Thinking Skills For Solving Problems Managing Chaos and Creating Lasting Solutions in a Complex World

Albert Rutherford

Learn to Think in Systems - Use Systems Archetypes to Understand Manage and Fix Complex Problems and Make Smarter Decisions

Albert Rutherford

Exploit the Art of Hacking


Mathematical Foundation of the Quantum Theory of Gravity - Beyond Einstein

Balungi Francis

Ubuntu Using Hacking

meet chauhan

Machine Learning For Beginners Guide Algorithms: Supervised & Unsupervsied Learning Decision Tree & Random Forest Introduction

Tristan Luminous

Capacity: Prerequisites for Meaningful Action on Climate Change

Carolyn Drugge

Hacking: Learn the Basics of Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

Martin Donovan

Raspberry Pi 2: The Best Guide to Choosing the Right Version of Pi!

Eva Romans

Hacking: 25 Incredibly Useful Beginners Hacking Tips on How to Hack

Steve Brown