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Science & Technology

The Earth: natural history: general interest

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James Button

Eastbound through Siberia - Observations from the Great Northern Expedition

Georg Wilhelm Steller

Summer Wildflowers of the Northeast - A Natural History

Carol Gracie

Trees in Trouble - Wildfires Infestations and Climate Change

Daniel Mathews

Life through the Ages II - Twenty-First Century Visions of Prehistory

Mark P. Witton

Bird Love - The Family Life of Birds

Wenfei Tong

A Cloud a Day

Gavin Pretor-Pinney

The Horse - A Natural History

Debbie Busby, Catrin Rutland

Alta California - From San Diego to San Francisco A Journey on Foot to Rediscover the Golden State

Nick Neely

The Pig - A Natural History

Richard Lutwyche

Chesapeake Requiem - A Year with the Watermen of Vanishing Tangier Island

Earl Swift

The Fens - Discovering England's Ancient Depths

Francis Pryor

The Missing Lynx - The Past and Future of Britain's Lost Mammals

Ross Barnett

Vanishing Ice - Glaciers Ice Sheets and Rising Seas

Vivien Gornitz

Earth Emotions - New Words for a New World

Glenn A. Albrecht

Drought - An Interdisciplinary Perspective

Ben Cook

The Neverending Treasures of Yosemite (Illustrated Edition)

John Muir

The Wilderness Essays

John Muir

Ocean Outbreak - Confronting the Rising Tide of Marine Disease

Drew Harvell

The New Beachcomber's Guide to the Pacific Northwest

J. Duane Sept

Dragonflies and Damselflies - A Natural History

Dennis Paulson

Life of Inland Waters - An Elementary Text Book of Fresh-Water Biology For Students

James G. Needham

Natural History of the Farm - A Guide to the Practical Study of the Sources of Our Living in Wild Nature

James G. Needham

Overrun - Dispatches from the Asian Carp Crisis

Andrew Reeves

Reading the Rocks - How Victorian Geologists Discovered the Secret of Life

Brenda Maddox

18 Miles - The Epic Drama of Our Atmosphere and Its Weather

Christopher Dewdney

RSPB Spotlight Woodpeckers

Gerard Gorman

RSPB Spotlight Bats

Nancy Jennings

Global Mountain Regions - Conversations toward the Future

Ann Kingsolver, Sasikumar Balasundaram

Mark Carwardine's Guide to Whale Watching in North America

Mark Carwardine