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Rereading Marx in the Age of Digital Capitalism

Christian Fuchs

Docker - A Quick-Start Beginner's Guide

Andy Hayes

The Digital Party - Political Organisation and Online Democracy

Paolo Gerbaudo

Shooting a Revolution - Visual Media and Warfare in Syria

Donatella Della Ratta

The Rise of Nerd Politics - Digital Activism and Political Change

John Postill

Alt-Right - From 4chan to the White House

Mike Wendling

Digital Demagogue - Authoritarian Capitalism in the Age of Trump and Twitter

Christian Fuchs

The Web as History - Using Web Archives to Understand the Past and the Present

Niels Br├╝gger, Professor Ralph Schroeder

Configuration of Microsoft ISA Proxy Server and Linux Squid Proxy Server

Dr. Hidaia Mahmood Alassouli

Securing Wireless Network

P.S Tecwriden

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Interview Questions and Answers

Tech Interviews

Computer Network Security Design and Implementation

Husni Fazeel

9 Practical Ways of Making Money Online in 24 Hours

Trybet Jakes

Computer Networking: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Learning the Basics of Network Security Computer Architecture Wireless Technology and Communications Systems (Including Cisco CCENT and CCNA)

Benjamin Walker

Building a NAS Server with Raspberry Pi and Openmediavault

Brian Schell

Computer Network (LAN & WAN) Design and Domain Controller Configurations

Husni Fazeel

LAN Design and Configurations

Husni Fazeel

Cisco Packet Tracer Major Important Practicals

Husni Fazeel

Practical Network Security

Neha Saxena

3Com - The unsung saga of the Silicon Valley startup that helped give birth to the Internet - and then fumbled the ball

Jeff Chase, Jon Zilber

From Gutenberg to Google - The History of Our Future

Tom Wheeler

Linux Essentials - A Beginner's Guide To Linux Operating System

Adidas Wilson

An Introduction to SDN Intent Based Networking

alasdair gilchrist

Digital Transformation at Scale: Why the Strategy Is Delivery - Why the Strategy Is Delivery

Andrew Greenway, Ben Terrett, Mike Bracken, Tom Loosemore