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Current Trends in Computer Science and Mechanical Automation Vol2 - Selected Papers from CSMA2016

Shawn X. Wang

Docker - A Quick-Start Beginner's Guide

Andy Hayes

Arduino - A Quick-Start Beginner's Guide

Andy Hayes

Email Marketing - 3 Manuscripts in 1 Easy and Inexpensive Email Marketing Strategies to Make a Huge Impact on Your Business

Eric J Scott

Email Marketing - Tips And Tricks To Increase Credibility

Eric J Scott

Email Marketing - Strategies To Capture And Engage Your Audience While Quickly Building An Authority

Eric J Scott

Explain the Cloud Like I’m 10

Todd Hoff

Panduan Instalasi & Konfigurasi Mail Server Berbasis Zimbra

Ahmad Imanudin

How To Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick TV Alexa - How to Unlock Channels & Apps Step by Step Guide

Bob Gateworthy

Kindle Fire HD HDX 8 & 10 Tablet Complete Manual User Guide - Android Alexa Specs Apps Settings Features & More

Steve Woztek

Current Trends in Computer Science and Mechanical Automation Vol1 - Selected Papers from CSMA2016

Shawn X. Wang

Cryptocurrency mining guide - The ultimate guide to understanding Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Monero Zcash mining technologies

Alan T. Norman

How to Hack Like a GOD - Master the secrets of hacking through real-life hacking scenarios

sparc Flow

The Web as History - Using Web Archives to Understand the Past and the Present

Niels Brügger, Professor Ralph Schroeder

Social Media in Southeast Italy - Crafting Ideals

Dr Razvan Nicolescu

Microsoft Skype For Business 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

U. C-Abel Books

How the World Changed Social Media

Tom McDonald, Professor Daniel Miller Professor of Anthropology, Xinyuan Wang, Dr Elisabetta Costa, Dr Razvan Nicolescu, Dr Jolynna Sinanan, Dr Nell Haynes, Juliano Spyer, Shriram Venkatraman

Mensch und Computer 2015 – Workshopband

Anette Weisbecker, Michael Burmester, Albrecht Schmidt

Mensch und Computer 2015 – Tagungsband

Martin Pielot, Sarah Diefenbach, Niels Henze

Mensch und Computer 2015 – Usability Professionals - Workshop

Anja Endmann, Holger Fischer, Malte Krökel

Analysis and Design of Algorithm

Shefali Singhal, Neha Garg

Introduction to Email Productivity

IntroBooks Team

Internet of Things

IntroBooks Team

Data Acquisition from HD Vehicles Using J1939 CAN Bus

Erich Walter, Richard Walter

Network Security Scanner In Kali Linux


Cybersecurity: On Threats Surfing the Internet and Social Media (Extended Version) - 2

Telly Frias

Blockchain Revolution: Understanding the Crypto Economy of the Future A Non-Technical Guide to the Basics of Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing

Bradley Lakeman

Mastering Samsung Galaxy - Galaxy S10e S10 S10 Plus Ultimate User Guide

Adidas Wilson

Zero to Hacking - Zero Series #1

Veda Kakollu

Ripple And Stablecoins: Building Banks of Tomorrow

Debajani Mohanty