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Tor and the Deep Web - Bitcoin DarkNet & Cryptocurrency (2 in 1 Book)

Lance Henderson

Tor and the Dark Art of Anonymity

Lance Henderson

Scaling Done Right - How to Achieve Business Agility with [email protected] and Make the Competition Irrelevant

Gereon Hermkes, Luiz Quintela

Metrics at Work - Journalism and the Contested Meaning of Algorithms

Angele Christin

Design-Driven Growth - Strategy & Case Studies For Product Shapers

Molly Norris Walker

10 Product Validation Experiments - The Guide To Validation And Minimum Viable Products (MVP)

Csaba Házi

Android Studio 36 Development Essentials - Java Edition - Developing Android 10 (Q) Apps Using Android Studio 36 Java and Android Jetpack

Neil Smyth

Android Studio 3.6 Development Essentials - Kotlin Edition - Developing Android 10 (Q) Apps Using Android Studio 3.6 Kotlin and Android Jetpack

Neil Smyth

SwiftUI Essentials - iOS Edition - Learn to Develop iOS Apps using SwiftUI Swift 5 and Xcode 11

Neil Smyth

Kubernetes Handbook - Non-Programmer's Guide to Deploy Applications with Kubernetes

Stephen Fleming

Exploring Chromebook Third Edition - The Illustrated Practical Guide to using Chromebook

Kevin Wilson

DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering Handbook - Non-Programmer’s Guide

Stephen Fleming

Accelerated DevOps with AI ML & RPA - Non-Programmer’s Guide to AIOPS & MLOPS

Stephen Fleming

Fact Hunt - Fascinating Funny and Downright Bizarre Facts About Video Games

Larry Bundy Jr

Hacking Diversity - The Politics of Inclusion in Open Technology Cultures

Christina Dunbar-Hester

Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Japanese Video Game Obscurities

Kurt Kalata

Sustainable Software Architecture - Analyze and Reduce Technical Debt

Carola Lilienthal

Python Machine Learning For Beginners - Handbook For Machine Learning Deep Learning And Neural Networks Using Python Scikit-Learn And TensorFlow

Finn Sanders

Bayes Theorem - A Quick-Start Beginner's Guide

Andy Hayes

Raspberry Pi - The Ultimate Guide to Raspberry Pi Including Projects Programming Tips & Tricks and Much More!

Geoff Adams

Arduino - A Quick-Start Beginner's Guide

Andy Hayes

Deep Management - Game and Software Development

John Bible

The basic concepts of OOP in C# - Learn conceptually in simple language

Hani Marzban

Python Machine Learning - A Practical Beginner's Guide to Understanding Machine Learning Deep Learning and Neural Networks with Python Scikit-Learn Tensorflow and Keras

Brandon Railey

How To Learn Photoshop Quickly!

Andrei Besedin

Arduino and Scilab based Projects

Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot, Bhupendra Singh

Art of Clean Code - How to Write Codes for Human

Roosnam Seefan

How to Learn PHP MySQL and Javascript Quickly! - For Dummies

Andrei Besedin

Monitored - Business and Surveillance in a Time of Big Data

Peter Bloom

Android Studio 32 Development Essentials - Android 9 Edition - Developing Android 9 Apps Using Android Studio 32 Java and Android Jetpack

Neil Smyth