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A Strange Kind of Comfort

Gaylene Dutchyshen

Red Meat Republic - A Hoof-to-Table History of How Beef Changed America

Joshua Specht

Given Half a Chance - Ten Ways to Save the World

Edward Davey

Natural History of the Farm - A Guide to the Practical Study of the Sources of Our Living in Wild Nature

James G. Needham

Hydroponics Beginners Gardening Guide - How to Start a Hydroponics Growing System Step by Step

Simon Hamilton

Organic Crop Production Technology

Gowri Vijayan

Organic Production of Some Agronomic Crops - Basmati Rice Cotton Red Gram and Sugarcane

Gowri Vijayan

GMO China - How Global Debates Transformed China's Agricultural Biotechnology Policies

Cong Cao

Knowledge Sovereignty among African Cattle Herders

Zeremariam Fre

High Cotton - Four Seasons in the Mississippi Delta

Gerard Helferich

Peasant's agriculture in Asia

Francois Houtart, Wen Tiejun

Dynamic Forest - Man Versus Nature in the Boreal Forest

Malcolm F. Squires

Round of a Country Year - A Farmer's Day Book

David Klein

Letters to a Beekeeper

Alys Fowler, Steve Benbow

Agrarian Crossings - Reformers and the Remaking of the US and Mexican Countryside

Tore C. Olsson

Toronto Local History 3-Book Bundle - Don Mills 200 Years at St John's York Mills Willowdale

Scott Kennedy

Don Mills - From Forests and Farms to Forces of Change

Scott Kennedy

The BBKA Guide to Beekeeping Second Edition

Ivor Davis, Roger Cullum-Kenyon

Sustainable Food Systems - The Role of the City

Dr Robert Biel PhD Senior Lecturer Development Planning Unit The Bartlett UCL

Following the Wild Bees - The Craft and Science of Bee Hunting

Thomas D. Seeley

The Amazing Crawfish Boat

John Laudun

Microwave and Radio-Frequency Technologies in Agriculture - An Introduction for Agriculturalists and Engineers

Peter Farrell, Graham Brodie, Mohan V. Jacob

Varietals of Capitalism - A Political Economy of the Changing Wine Industry

Mandy Smith, Antoine Roger, Xabier Itçaina

In the Blood - Understanding America's Farm Families

Robert Wuthnow

Fishers and Plunderers - Theft Slavery and Violence at Sea

Alastair Couper, Hance D. Smith, Bruno Ciceri

Farm Less Profit More: Lessons in Regenerative Grazing

Dr. Robert C. Worstell

The Trampling Herd: The Story of the Cattle Range in America

Paul I. Wellman

The Soil and Health

Albert Howard

Coastal Plants - A Guide to the Identification and Restoration of Plants of the Greater Perth Coast

Kingsley Dixon

Scientific Writing = Thinking in Words

David Lindsay