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Carbon-Based Smart Materials

Dimitrios A. Dragatogiannis, Constantinos A. Charitidis, Elias P. Koumoulos

Alien Oceans - The Search for Life in the Depths of Space

Kevin Hand

The Little Book of Cosmology

Lyman Page

Keenie Meenie - The British Mercenaries Who Got Away with War Crimes

Phil Miller

The Syrian Revolution - Between the Politics of Life and the Geopolitics of Death

Yasser Munif

Exploding Stars and Invisible Planets - The Science of What's Out There

Fred Watson

War and Health - The Medical Consequences of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Catherine Lutz, Andrea Mazzarino

The Stuff of Soldiers - A History of the Red Army in World War II through Objects

Brandon M. Schechter

More Things in the Heavens - How Infrared Astronomy Is Expanding Our View of the Universe

Michael Woerner, Peter Eisenhardt

HMS Belfast Pocket Manual

Jon Blake

The Navy’s Air War - A Mission Completed

Albert R. Buchanan

Security Loyalty and Science

Walter Gellhorn

100 Verses for Life and Space Re-creation - Nature Must Be Changed and It Will Be Done

Pawel Kozycz

Catching Stardust - Comets Asteroids and the Birth of the Solar System

Natalie Starkey

Cosmic Impact - Understanding the Threat to Earth from Asteroids and Comets

Andrew May

The Cosma Hypothesis - Implications of the Overview Effect

Frank White

USS Constitution A Midshipman's Pocket Manual 1814

Eric L. Clements

Maginot Line Gun Turrets - And French gun turret development 1880–1940

Clayton Donnell

Amphibious Warfare - Battle on the Beaches

Oscar E. Gilbert, Romain Cansiere

How Carriers Fought - Carrier Operations in World War II

Lars Celander

How Carriers Fought - Carrier Operations in World War II

Lars Celander

Outsourced Empire - How Militias Mercenaries and Contractors Support US Statecraft

Andrew Thomson

Ham Radio - From Beginner to Badass

Greg Molloy

Life on Mars - What to Know Before We Go

David A. Weintraub

4th Rock from the Sun - The Story of Mars

Nicky Jenner

Rare Earth Frontiers - From Terrestrial Subsoils to Lunar Landscapes

Julie Michelle Klinger

How To Mine Bitcoin: - Learn How To Mine Cryptocurrency

Patt Tomas

Masters of life and the universe - A concept about instant self replicating towns and cell ( micro)robots

Pawel Kozycz

Bazooka vs Panzer - Battle of the Bulge 1944

Steven J. Zaloga

The Little Book of Black Holes

Frans Pretorius, Steven S. Gubser