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Lead your Boss from Below - How Employees without a Superior function Influence Organizational Cultures & quietly Convince others Rhetoric Communication & Behavior Analysis

Simone Janson

Seeds of Science - Why We Got It So Wrong On GMOs

Mark Lynas

An Introduction to Metal-Working (Illustrated)

J.C. Pearson

Make It Right - 5 Steps to Align Your Manufacturing Business from the Frontline to the Bottom Line

Kevin Snook

ESSE 2017 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Environmental Science and Sustainable Energy Edby ZhaoYang Dong

Yong Wang

The Story of Silk

Dr John Kershaw

Eating Promiscuously - Adventures in the Future of Food

James McWilliams


Ted Bruning

Theory of Constraints

IntroBooks Team

Blacksmithing for Beginners: 20 Secrets Every Novice Should Know Before Starting


Kaizen Theory

IntroBooks Team

101 Bladesmithing Mistakes: Knife Making Mistakes That Ruin Your Knives and How to Avoid Them

Wes Sander

Disruptive Innovation

IntroBooks Team

3D PRINTING SOLUTIONS: The Complete Step by Step Guide to Diagnosing and Fixing All 3D Printing Failures

Allen N. Hill

Blockchain Technology Revolution in Business Explained: Why You Need to Start Investing in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for your Business Right Now

Bob Mather

Bladesmithing: 101 Bladesmithing FAQ: Answers to Your Burning Knifemaking Questions About Forging Stock Removal Tools and Heat Treatment

Wes Sander

Bladesmithing: 101 Bladesmithing Secrets: What Every Bladesmith Should Know Before Making His Next Knife

Wes Sander

Bladesmithing From Scrap Metal: How to Make Knives With Leaf Springs Saw Blades Railroad Spikes and Files

Wes Sander

Bladesmithing: Bladesmithing for Beginners: Make Your First Knife in 7 Steps

Wes Sander

Lean Six Sigma: The Ultimate Guide to Lean Six Sigma Lean Enterprise and Lean Manufacturing with Tools Included for Increased Efficiency and Higher Customer Satisfaction

James Edge

Food and Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century - Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives

Iain Young, Helen Macbeth, Paul Collinson, Lucy Antal

A Guide to Crickets of Australia

David Rentz, You Ning Su

Knife Making: Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced Guide to Bladesmithing: Knife Making for Beginner Intermediate and Advanced Bladesmiths - Knife Making Mastery

Wes Sander

Essential Guide to Metals and Manufacturing

Krishan Katyal

Forty Centuries of Ink

David Nunes Carvalho

Bladesmithing: Advanced Guide to Bladesmithing: Forge Pattern Welded Damascus Swords Japanese Blades and Make Sword Scabbards - Knife Making Mastery #3

Wes Sander

Bladesmithing: Beginner + Intermediate Guide to Bladesmithing - Bladesmithing Compendium for Beginners and Intermediate Level Knife Makers

Wes Sander

Manufacturing Engineering

Manoj Dole

Textile Engineering

Manoj Dole

Metallurgical Engineering

Manoj Dole