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The Story of the Dinosaurs in 25 Discoveries - Amazing Fossils and the People Who Found Them

Donald R. Prothero

For All Mankind

Harry Hurt III

The Shape of Things to Come - Exploring the Future of the Human Body

Druin Burch

The Chimpanzee & Me

Ben Garrod

Strange coincidences in your life - Small curious events Forebodings Telepathy Does it happen to you too? Quantum physics and the theory of synchronicity explain extrasensory phenomena

George Anderson


Gabriela Mueller Mendoza

Sapiens - A Brief History of Humankind

Yuval Noah Harari

Out of Our Minds - What We Think and How We Came to Think It

Felipe Fernández-Armesto

Eye of the Shoal - A Fishwatcher's Guide to Life the Ocean and Everything

Helen Scales

Colleagues in Genius - Out of My Later Years Scientific Autobiography and Nuclear Physics

Albert Einstein, W. Heisenberg, Max Planck

Beyond UFOs - The Science of Consciousness & Contact with Non Human Intelligence (Volume 1)

Reinerio Hernandez J.D., Rudy Schild Ph.D., Jon Klimo Ph.D.

Relativity - The Special and the General Theory

Albert Einstein

Philosophy of Physics - Quantum Theory

Tim Maudlin

Richard Feynman - A Life in Science

John Gribbin, Mary Gribbin

The Universe as It Really Is - Earth Space Matter and Time

Thomas R Scott

71+10 New Science Activities - An interactive approach to learning science

Editorial Board

Probability and Statistics - A Course for Physicists and Engineers

Arak M Mathai, Hans J Haubold

E-Squared: by Pam Grout | Key Takeaways Analysis & Review - Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Books Eureka

Stephen Hawking A Biography - The Man Who Defied All Limits

Dave Andrew

Superconductors at the Nanoscale - From Basic Research to Applications

Roger Wördenweber, Victor Moshchalkov, Simon Bending, Francesco Tafuri

Science and the City - The Mechanics Behind the Metropolis

Laurie Winkless

Machines of Loving Grace - The Quest for Common Ground Between Humans and Robots

John Markoff

Summary of How Not To Be Wrong - by Jordan Ellenberg | Includes Analysis

. Instaread

I Superorganism - Learning to love your inner ecosystem

Jon Turney

The Reproduction of Life Death - Derrida's La vie la mort

Dawne McCance

The Last Butterflies - A Scientist's Quest to Save a Rare and Vanishing Creature

Nick Haddad

The Future of Immortality - Remaking Life and Death in Contemporary Russia

Anya Bernstein

More Things in the Heavens - How Infrared Astronomy Is Expanding Our View of the Universe

Michael Werner, Peter Eisenhardt

Hot Carbon - Carbon-14 and a Revolution in Science

John F. Marra

The Silent Work