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Against Sustainability - Reading Nineteenth-Century America in the Age of Climate Crisis

Michelle Neely

America's Largest Classroom - What We Learn from Our National Parks

Jessica L. Thompson

Never Cry Wolf

Farley Mowat

How I Know Gravity is a Rain of Space: - Anunnaki Hidden Cosmogony - And Why We Must Build Air Cities

Hector Luis Bonilla

A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety - How to Keep Your Cool on a Warming Planet

Sarah Jaquette Ray

Trees in Trouble - Wildfires Infestations and Climate Change

Daniel Mathews

Wrenched from the Land - Activists Inspired by Edward Abbey

ML Lincoln

A Hundred Little Pieces on the End of the World

John Rember

Billionaire Wilderness - The Ultra-Wealthy and the Remaking of the American West

Justin Farrell

The Case for Climate Capitalism - Economic Solutions for a Planet in Crisis

Tom Rand

Not Looking For Signs

Belinda Broughton

Taming the Four Horsemen

Robin Hanbury-Tenison

Nature and Value

Akeel Bilgrami

The Fully Charged Guide to Electric Vehicles & Clean Energy

Fully Charged

Beyond Global Warming - How Numerical Models Revealed the Secrets of Climate Change

Syukuro Manabe, Anthony J. Broccoli

Live Sustainably Now - A Low-Carbon Vision of the Good Life

Karl Coplan

Empowering the Great Energy Transition - Policy for a Low-Carbon Future

Benjamin Sovacool, Scott Valentine, Marilyn Brown

The Disposition of Nature - Environmental Crisis and World Literature

Jennifer Wenzel

Radical Botany - Plants and Speculative Fiction

Natania Meeker, Antónia Szabari

Repowering Cities - Governing Climate Change Mitigation in New York City Los Angeles and Toronto

Sarah Hughes

Think Little - Essays

Wendell Berry

Food Security - From Excess to Enough

Ralph C. Martin

The Wake of Crows - Living and Dying in Shared Worlds

Thom van Dooren

Climate Justice - Hope Resilience and the Fight for a Sustainable Future

Mary Robinson

Hydropolitics - The Itaipu Dam Sovereignty and the Engineering of Modern South America

Christine Folch

Whose Water Is It Anyway? - Taking Water Protection into Public Hands

Maude Barlow

Breakdown - The Pipeline Debate and the Threat to Canada's Future

Dennis McConaghy

Birds in Winter - Surviving the Most Challenging Season

Roger F. Pasquier

Limits - Why Malthus Was Wrong and Why Environmentalists Should Care

Giorgios Kallis

The Last Butterflies - A Scientist's Quest to Save a Rare and Vanishing Creature

Nick Haddad