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Wildlife: general interest

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The Beachcomber's Companion - An Illustrated Guide to Collecting and Identifying Beach Treasures

Anna Marlis Burgard

Starting Over - A Country Year and A Book of Bees

Sue Hubbell

Never Cry Wolf

Farley Mowat

The Ohio Wildlife Encyclopedia - An Illustrated Guide to Birds Fish Mammals Reptiles and Amphibians

Scott Shupe

Kentucky Wildlife Encyclopedia - An Illustrated Guide to Birds Fish Mammals Reptiles and Amphibians

Scott Shupe

Listening to the Bees

Mark Winston, Renée Sarojini Saklikar

Dragon Walk - On Reef Recovery & Political Will

Robert Wintner

Trooper - The Bobcat Who Came in from the Wild

Forrest Bryant Johnson

Dead Zone - Where the Wild Things Were

Philip Lymbery

Attracting Wildlife to Your Backyard - 101 Ways to Make Your Property Home for Creatures Great and Small

Josh VanBrakle

Bird Life - A Guide to the Study of Our Common Birds

Frank Chapman

The Milk Lady of Bangalore - An Unexpected Adventure

Shoba Narayan

Whiskers and Bear - Sanctuary Tales Book I

Giacomo Giammatteo

Furry Logic - The Physics of Animal Life

Matin Durrani, Liz Kalaugher

Green Guide to Birds Of Britain And Europe

Jim Flegg

Birds: Myth Lore and Legend

Marianne Taylor, Rachel Warren Chadd

RSPB Nature Watch - How to discover explore and enjoy wildlife

Marianne Taylor

Inside Animal Hearts and Minds - Bears That Count Goats That Surf and Other True Stories of Animal Intelligence and Emotion

Belinda Recio

Unspeakable Horror - The Deadliest Shark Attacks in Maritime History

Joseph Healy

Pocket Guide to the Butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland

Richard Lewington

Texas Waterfowl Identification Guide

Central Flyway Council

Lost Among the Birds - Accidentally Finding Myself in One Very Big Year

Neil Hayward

Swamp Rat - The Story of Dixie's Nutria Invasion

Theodore G. Manno

No Way But Gentlenesse - A Memoir of How Kes My Kestrel Changed My Life

Richard Hines

Nightingales in November - A Year in the Lives of Twelve British Birds

Mike Dilger

Wild Lives - Leading Conservationists on the Animals and the Planet They Love

Lori Robinson, Janie Chodosh

The Most Perfect Thing - Inside (and Outside) a Bird’s Egg

Tim Birkhead

Heart of a Lion - A Lone Cat’s Walk Across America

William Stolzenburg

Monarchs and Milkweed - A Migrating Butterfly a Poisonous Plant and Their Remarkable Story of Coevolution

Anurag Agrawal

Sarapiquí Chronicle - A Naturalist in Costa Rica Revised and Expanded Edition

Allen M. Young