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Anthropogenic Rivers - The Production of Uncertainty in Lao Hydropower

Jerome Whitington

Netflix Nations - The Geography of Digital Distribution

Ramon Lobato

How to Walk on Water and Climb up Walls - Animal Movement and the Robots of the Future

David Hu

On the Future - Prospects for Humanity

Martin Rees

GMO China - How Global Debates Transformed China's Agricultural Biotechnology Policies

Cong Cao

The Story of Computing

John Dermot Turing

Timefulness - How Thinking Like a Geologist Can Help Save the World

Marcia Bjornerud

Elon Musk - Tesla SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Ashlee Vance

Life on Mars - What to Know Before We Go

David A. Weintraub

Deepwater Deception - The Truth about the Tragic Blowout and Perversion of American Justice

Robert Kaluza

In Sight of Yellow Mountain - A Year in the Irish Countryside

Philip Judge

Linear Algebra - A Course for Physicists and Engineers

Arak M. Mathai, Hans J. Haubold

Dynamic Forest - Man Versus Nature in the Boreal Forest

Malcolm F. Squires

A Brief History of Tomorrow - How The Experts Usually Screw Up (Future Forecasting)

Jonathan Margolis

Atoms Under the Floorboards - The Surprising Science Hidden in Your Home

Chris Woodford

Biochemistry Laboratory Manual For Undergraduates - An Inquiry-Based Approach

Timea Gerczei Fernandez, Scott Pattison

The Sea Around Us

Rachel Carson

Taking Back Our Food Supply - How to Lead the Local Food Revolution to Reclaim a Healthy Future

Michael Brownlee

Renewable Energy - A Primer for the Twenty-First Century

Bruce Usher

Mining Encounters - Extractive Industries in an Overheated World

Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Robert Jan Pijpers

Electrical Palestine - Capital and Technology from Empire to Nation

Fredrik Meiton

The Apollo Missions - The Incredible Story of the Race to the Moon

David Baker

The Fall of the Wild - Extinction De-Extinction and the Ethics of Conservation

Ben A. Minteer

Television Programme Production - Various activities studios use to produce a show

Ashok Jailkhani & Maharaj Shah, Maharaj Shah

Bell X-2

Peter E. Davies

On Infertile Ground - Population Control and Women's Rights in the Era of Climate Change

Jade S. Sasser

Coral Whisperers - Scientists on the Brink

Irus Braverman

Project Management: The Sketches

Nigel Creaser

Astrophysics for People In A Hurry - Summarized for Busy People - Based on the Book by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Goldmine Reads

A Brief History of Time - Summarized for Busy People - Based on the Book by Stephen Hawking

Goldmine Reads