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Science & Technology

Earth Sciences, Geography, Environment, Planning

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The Modern Prince - What Machiavelli Can Teach Us in the Age of Trump

Carnes Lord

The Universe as It Really Is - Earth Space Matter and Time

Thomas R. Scott

Never Cry Wolf

Farley Mowat

Zero Waste - Simple Life Hacks to Drastically Reduce Your Trash

Shia Su

In Sight of Yellow Mountain - A Year in the Irish Countryside

Philip Judge

How to Clone a Mammoth - The Science of De-Extinction

Beth Shapiro

Biomimicry - Innovation Inspired by Nature

Janine M. Benyus

Perishability Fatigue - Forays Into Environmental Loss and Decay

Vincent Bruyere

Heart Lines

Gemma Troy

Timefulness - How Thinking Like a Geologist Can Help Save the World

Marcia Bjornerud

The Silk Roads - A History of the Great Trading Routes Between East and West

Geordie Torr

On Water

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

The Postcolonial Contemporary - Political Imaginaries for the Global Present

Jini Kim Watson, Gary Wilder

Rising - Dispatches from the New American Shore

Elizabeth Rush

Embattled River - The Hudson and Modern American Environmentalism

David Schuyler

The Green Marble - Earth System Science and Global Sustainability

David Turner

Animal Vegetable Miracle - 10th anniversary edition - A Year of Food Life

Barbara Kingsolver, Camille Kingsolver, Steven L. Hopp, Lily Hopp Kingsolver

Primitive Mythology

Joseph Campbell

The Science of Roman History - Biology Climate and the Future of the Past

Walter Scheidel

Downdrift - A Novel

Johanna Drucker

Brave New Arctic - The Untold Story of the Melting North

Mark C. Serreze

4th Rock from the Sun - The Story of Mars

Nicky Jenner

Market Cities People Cities - The Shape of Our Urban Future

Kevin T. Smiley, Michael Oluf Emerson

The Phantom Atlas - The Greatest Myths Lies and Blunders on Maps

Edward Brooke-Hitching

Trooper - The Bobcat Who Came in from the Wild

Forrest Bryant Johnson

The Effects of Cross & Self-Fertilisation in the Vegetable Kingdom

Charles Darwin

First Lessons in Natural Philosophy - For Beginners

Joseph C. Martindale

Geological Observations on South America

Charles Darwin

The Oil Conquest of the World

Frederick Talbot

Coral Reefs

Charles Darwin