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Fantasy romance, dark romance

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The Regency Romances - Midsummer Moon My Sweet Folly and Uncertain Magic

Laura Kinsale

No Such Thing as Immortality

Sarah Tranter

Fatal Insomnia: The Complete Trilogy - Farewell to Dreams A Raging Dawn and The Sleepless Stars

CJ Lyons

The Healer's Saga Books One to Four - The Healer's Secret The Healer's Curse The Healer's Awakening and The Healer's Betrayal

Helen Pryke

Setting in Roots


The Play's the Thing

Jessica Barksdale Inclán

Sharon Sala Suspense Stories - Butterfly Bloodlines Mimosa Grove

Sharon Sala

Faraway Stars - The Legend of A Minstrel

Roger Hunter

Faraway Stars - Night Fog on Mount Tambonas

Roger Hunter

Where You Are - Sequel to As the Winds Change

Christie Leigh Babirad

The Quick and the Dead

D.B. Sieders


Megan Hart

Curse of the Amber

Kathryn Troy

A Grave Peril

Wendy Roberts

Resurrection's Angel

B. Hughes-Millman

Living in the Past

Jane Lovering

A Stitch in Time

Amanda James

Grave Mistake - An Amethyst's Wand Shop Mysteries Standalone

Laura Greenwood, Arizona Tape

Janelle and the Blood Fiend Crew 2: Why Choose Paranormal Romance

Zoe Marsh

The Dragon's Familiar: A Dragon Shifter Romance (Falling For a Dragon Book 1)

Mac Flynn

Tragic Bonds


Janelle and the Blood Fiend Crew: Why Choose Paranormal Romance

Zoe Marsh

36 Exposures

Linda Mooney

Flipping Tails For Seasick Mermaids

Laura Greenwood

The Case of the Tormented Troll

Linda Mooney

Night Fall - An Age Gap Dark Paranormal Romance

Melissa Cummins

Next-Door Incubus

Emilia Rose

The God of Wolves: A Wolf Shifter Romance (Moonlight Among Monsters Book 1)

Mac Flynn

Wicked Conjuring

Sarah Piper


Olivia Fox