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Romantic suspense

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Power Play (Capital Intrigue Book #3)

Rachel Dylan

Never Miss

Melissa Koslin

Active Defense (Danger Never Sleeps Book #3)

Lynette Eason

The Escape (US Marshals Book #1)

Lisa Harris

The Sisters - A gripping story of dark family secrets from the bestselling author

Kate Forster

On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor

Jaime Jo Wright

Present Danger (Rocky Mountain Courage Book #1)

Elizabeth Goddard

Hours to Kill (Homeland Heroes Book #3)

Susan Sleeman

Unknown Threat (Defend and Protect Book #1)

Lynn H. Blackburn

Ruthless Women - The Sunday Times top ten bestseller

Melanie Blake

Obsession (Natchez Trace Park Rangers Book #2)

Patricia Bradley

Sharon Sala Suspense Stories - Butterfly Bloodlines Mimosa Grove

Sharon Sala

Sharon Sala Thrillers - The Chosen Missing Sweet Baby The Perfect Lie

Sharon Sala

The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus

Jaime Jo Wright

Minutes to Die (Homeland Heroes Book #2)

Susan Sleeman

The Nun's Betrothal - A Novel

Ida Curtis

Don't Keep Silent (Uncommon Justice Book #3)

Elizabeth Goddard

The Dragon Lady

Louisa Treger

Standoff (Natchez Trace Park Rangers Book #1)

Patricia Bradley

Praying for Time

Carlene Thompson

A Child Lost - A Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novel

Michelle Cox

The Way You Burn - A Novel

Christine Meade

Silent Shadows (Harbored Secrets Book #3)

Natalie Walters

The Glimpses of the Moon

Edith Wharton

End Game (Capital Intrigue Book #1)

Rachel Dylan

Collateral Damage (Danger Never Sleeps Book #1)

Lynette Eason

Seconds to Live (Homeland Heroes Book #1)

Susan Sleeman

Love on the Line

Diane Holiday

Deadly Deceit (Harbored Secrets Book #2)

Natalie Walters

Keeper of Secrets - Deadly Secrets Lie Beneath the Surface

Lynda Stacey