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Fantasy romance, dark romance

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Accidentally Mated - M M Alpha Omega MPREG

Harper B. Cole


Era Rexon


Celia McMahon

One Wish - Rising Sun Saga book 1

Kayette la Mane

Unexpected Mate - M M Alpha Omega MPREG

Harper B. Cole

The Demon Queen

Brandi Elledge

An Unholy Magick

Kali Rose Schmidt

The Fae Lord's Companion - Part One

Lisa Kumar

Soul Veil - Rising Sun Saga book 3

Kayette la Mane

Fresh Cut - Rising Sun Saga book 2

Kayette la Mane

Fallons Hope

Narah Quinn

Her Dear & Loving Husband

Meredith Allard

Forbidden Love

Wisard Masters

Bound Through Blood

Alexis Kennedy

Quaranta - Love and Passion triumphs over Death

Marianna S. Rachid

Of Elven Blood

Leslie Fish

Irresistibly Yours - The Durand Chronicles - Book Two

Lark Brennan

The Watcher

Heather Kindt


Marlena Frank

New - Stolen from the Jungle They are Brilliant Lostand Here

Whitley Strieber

I Vampire

Semih Süren


Omayra Velez

The Tales of Aylfenhame Compendium - Books 1-3

Charlotte E. English

Lovers in the Woods

Robin Austin Reed

Summoning the Fox

E. H. Plummer

Another Theory of the Universe

Cristiana Voinea

Driven To Mate - M M Alpha Omega MPREG

Harper B. Cole


Reena Chase

The Catalain Book of Secrets

Jessica Lourey

Animal Desire - A Gray Wolf Pack Paranormal Romance

Susan G. Charles