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Adult & contemporary romance

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Spanking The Spoilt Student - A FemDom Tale

Dominique Paige

Love Campaign - A Contemporary Romance

Liz Levoy


Beth Michele

For the Love of Raindrops

Beth Michele

Scarred Beautiful

Beth Michele

The Holiday (Love Bites #1)

Carla Krae

Love Love

Beth Michele


Angel Payne

No Broken Bond

Angel Payne, Victoria Blue

No Simple Sacrifice

Angel Payne, Victoria Blue

No Lucky Number

Angel Payne, Victoria Blue

No Magic Moment

Angel Payne, Victoria Blue

Night Shift

Carey Decevito

Antonio and Sabrina Struck in Love 2

Chiquita Dennie

Healing Grace - a novel

Lisa J Lickel


Helen Hardt

Eyes in the Dark

Rowena Dawn

Troubled Waters (Montana Rescue Book #4)

Susan May Warren

Legally Charming

Lauren Smith

Honor Bound

Sandra Brown

Sinful Seduction

Alice Raine

The Single Girl's Calendar - A fantastic feel-good Rom Com

Erin Green

Cuckolded By My Boss And Best Friend

Isabella Tropez

Trapped with Twins for Christmas: A Holiday MFM Quickie - A Holiday MFM Quickie

Kat Crimson

No Prince Charming

Angel Payne, Victoria Blue

Rescuing Rose

Isabel Wolff

Springtime at the Cider Kitchen - The perfect feel-good romantic read

Fay Keenan

Terms of Surrender

Sheila Seabrook

No More Masquerade

Angel Payne, Victoria Blue