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Romantic suspense

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Chasing Mercury - In the time of Mercury Poisoning Loving Someone Enough to Let Them Go is for Cowards

September Williams

Night Shift

Carey Decevito

Eyes in the Dark

Rowena Dawn

Honor Bound

Sandra Brown

Oath of Honor (Blue Justice Book #1)

Lynette Eason

The House on Foster Hill

Jaime Jo Wright

Fatal Opposition

Tracee Lydia Garner

The Devil's Own

Sandra Brown

A Peculiar Courtship

Laura Beers

Two Alone

Sandra Brown

Her Renegade Rancher - A Montana Men Novel

Jennifer Ryan

Survival Reboot - The Paladin Group Book 2

CJ Matthew

Rose in Winter The

Sarah Harrison

With Every Breath - A Slow Burn Novel

Maya Banks

Centrifugal Force

Lisa J Lickel


Nicole Coverdale

Ride Hard - A Raven Riders Novel

Laura Kaye

A Butler Christmas - A Naim Butler Romantic Suspense

Rahiem Brooks

The Quicksilver Pool

Phyllis A. Whitney

The Golden Unicorn

Phyllis A. Whitney

Sea Jade

Phyllis A. Whitney

Mackenzie's Mountain

Linda Howard

Hard Ever After - A Hard Ink Novella

Laura Kaye

Led Astray

Sandra Brown

Duncan's Bride

Linda Howard

Torn - LOST Series #4

Cynthia Eden

White Lies

Linda Howard

Diamond Rings are Deadly Things

Rachelle J. Christensen

Hard to Let Go - A Hard Ink Novel

Laura Kaye

Mackenzie's Mission

Linda Howard