Historical romance

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Skipping Stones

Ananya Ridenour, Brett Ridenour

Sunburst's Citadel

Therese Nichols

For the Record (Ozark Mountain Romance Book #3)

Regina Jennings

A Well Favored Gentleman - Well Pleasured #2

Christina Dodd

Rebel - A Novel

Linda Windsor

For Your Arms Only

Caroline Linden

You Belong to My Heart

Nan Ryan

Hot Winds from Bombay

Becky Lee Weyrich

Love At Last

Barbara Cartland

The Age of Innocence

Edith Wharton

Too Wicked to Love

Debra Mullins

Harvest of War

Hilary Green

Code of Honor (Intrepid Heroines Series Book 1)

Andrea Pickens

Sleeping Beauty

Judith Ivory

The Passionate and the Proud

Vanessa Royall

A Match Made in Scandal

Melody Thomas

A Taste of Crimson

Marjorie M. Liu

Love in the Highlands

Barbara Cartland

Lord Greyfalcon's Reward

Amanda Scott

Bittersweet Summer (Haunting Hearts Series Book 3)

Rachel Wilson

Heart of Stone - A Novel

Jill Marie Landis


Rosanne Bittner

A Perilous Proposal

Sarah Richmond

Kiss of a Traitor

Cat Lindler

Night After Night

Kathryn Smith

The First Horseman

H. G. Wells

Flowers from the Storm

Laura Kinsale

Cat's Cradle

Maurice Baring

Sugar and Spice

Leda Swann

Lady in Red

Karen Hawkins