Fantasy romance, dark romance

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Wild After Dark

Elizabeth Coldwell, Helena Maeve, Wendi Zwaduk

Mind Waves

Amanda Uhl

Let the Night Begin

Kathryn Smith

A Devil Named Desire

Terri Garey

Blood Laws

Lexi C. Foss

Dark Side of Dawn - The Nightmare Chronicles

Kathryn Smith

Manor Town

Kyleen Valleaux


Sherrie Lea Morgan

Soul Bumping

Olivia London

Rebirth - Book One of the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles

Amy Brock McNew


Belinda McBride

Green: The Light Within Book 2

S. M. Huggins

The Wife of Bath

Geoffrey Chaucer

Kiss of the Beast (A Classic Paranormal Romance)

Mallory Rush

Black Aggie

Evie Jayne

Waiting for the Laird

Willa Blair

Fate Forgotten

J. L. Sheppard

DARK TALES (With Original Illustrations) - Gothic Classics: "The House of the Seven Gables" "The Minister's Black Veil" "Dr Heidegger's Experiment" "Birthmark" "An Old Woman's Tale" "Ghost of Doctor Harris"…

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Queen of Song and Souls

C. L. Wilson

Me “N” Her - A Strange Feeling “The story of Love n Separation where destiny dictates the relation”

Rikky Bhartia

The Call of the Night - A collection of five erotic stories

Tabitha Rayne, Michael Bracken, Maggie Morton, Giselle Renarde, Slave Nano

Sunshine is Overrated

Bailey Bradford

Bearly There

Bailey Bradford

In the Halls of the Mountain Troll

Tanith Davenport

Paladin of Souls

Lois McMaster Bujold

Mystic Love

JJ Keller

A Perfect Darkness

Jaime Rush

Wanted: One Perfect Man

Judi McCoy

Pride Unleashed

Cat Kalen

Forbidden Objects

Maggie Davis