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Empty Logic - Madhyamika Buddhism from Chinese Sources

Hsueh-li Cheng

Be Brave

Lama Dalai

Be Brave

Lama Dalai

Mixing Medicines - Ecologies of Care in Buddhist Siberia

Tatiana Chudakova

Zeal for Zen

Norimoto Iino

The Promise of Kuan Yin - Wisdom Miracles & Compassion

Martin Palmer, Ray Ramsay

Jesus and Buddha - The Parallel Sayings

Marcus J. Borg

The Chela's Handbook

William Wilson Quinn

Be Kind

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Be Here

His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Noriyuki Ueda

Awakening My Heart - Essays Articles and Interviews on the Buddist Life

Andrea Miller

The Buddha's Guide to Gratitude - The Life-changing Power of Everyday Mindfulness

Becca Anderson

The Zen Book of Life - Wisdom from the Great Masters Teachers and Writers of All Time

Mark Zocchi

Be Angry

Lama Dalai

Be Happy

Lama Dalai

The Dalai Lama's Little Book of Inner Peace - The Essential Life and Teachings

Lama Dalai

Still in the City - Creating Peace of Mind in the Midst of Urban Chaos

Angela Dews

Buddhism - The Wisdom of Buddha Hinduism and Buddhism and Buddhist Texts Through the Ages

Philosophical Library, Edward Conze, Ananda K. Coomaraswamy

Another Way Of Looking At Bipolar Disorder - No Shame In Preferring Happiness

Al Smith

The Spirit of Budo

Trevor Leggett

The One - Lessons From the world beyond

Ervin Allen

The Book of Five Rings

Musashi Miyamoto, Classics for all

The Book of Five Rings

Musashi Miyamoto

Buddhism in Its Connexion with Brahmanism and Hinduism

Sir Monier-Williams


Herman Hesse, Pocket Classic

The Bhikku - Of Seeking and Finding

Clemens Maria Heymkind

The song of the Eastern Snow-mountain

Manen Johan van

Chinese Buddhism (Annotated)

Joseph Edkins


Herman Hesse, Classics HQ

India in Primitive Christianity (Annotated)

Arthur Lillie