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The Auschwitz Photographer - The Forgotten Story of the WWII Prisoner Who Documented Thousands of Lost Souls

Luca Crippa, Maurizio Onnis

Talking Until Nightfall - Remembering Jewish Salonica 1941–44

Isaac Matarasso

The Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism

Israel Gutwirth

Jews in Music - From the Age of Enlightenment to the Mid-Twentieth Century

Artur Holde

Being Jewish Today - Confronting the Real Issues

Tony Bayfield

War of the Gods - Alien Skulls Underground Cities and Fire from the Sky

Erich von Daniken

How to Improve Your Mind

Baruch Spinoza

Jews and the Mediterranean

Matthias B. Lehmann, Jessica M. Marglin

Talking with Angels

Gitta Mallasz, Hanna Dallos

Kabbalah: Secrecy Scandal and the Soul

Harry Freedman

The Khazars - A Judeo-Turkish Empire on the Steppes 7th–11th Centuries AD

Mikhail Zhirohov, David Nicolle

Beyond the Wall - Chapters on Urban Jerusalem

Heike Zaun-Goshen

Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Its Literary Forms

Aaron W. Hughes, James T. Robinson

Nine Talmudic Readings

Emmanuel Levinas

Hermann Cohen and the Crisis of Liberalism - The Enchantment of the Public Sphere

Paul E. Nahme

The Wandering Vine - Wine the Romans and Me

Nina Caplan

The Holocaust's Jewish Calendars - Keeping Time Sacred Making Time Holy

Alan Rosen

Jewish Religious Music in Nineteenth-Century America - Restoring the Synagogue Soundtrack

Judah M. Cohen

Son of Chicken Qabalah - Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford's (Mostly Painless) Practical Qabalah Course

Lon Milo DuQuette

Jewish Wisdom - The Wisdom of the Kabbalah The Wisdom of the Talmud and The Wisdom of the Torah

Philosophical Library

Silver Screen Hasidic Jews - The Story of an Image

Shaina Hammerman

A History of the Jews - The Indestructible Jews The Jews in America and Appointment in Jerusalem

Max I. Dimont

Framing Sukkot - Tradition and Transformation in Jewish Vernacular Architecture

Gabrielle Anna Berlinger

Masculinity and the Making of American Judaism

Sarah Imhoff

Summary and Analysis of Man's Search for Meaning - Based on the Book by Victor E Frankl

Worth Books

Judaism: Sacred Texts History Theology & Philosophy - Sacred Texts History Theology & Philosophy of Jewish Faith

Samuel Rapaport, Nurho de Manhar, Simeon Singer, Heinrich Graetz, Louis Ginzberg, Judah Halevi, Moses Maimonides, Abraham Cohen

Tales and Maxims from the Midrash (Commentaries on the Written & Oral Torah)

Samuel Rapaport

The Kabbalah Unveiled - Commentaries of the Books of Zohar

S. L. Macgregor Mathers

Tanakh - Including Talmud

Various Authors

Jewish Essential Books - Religious Collection: Scripture History & Philosophy of Jewish Faith

Moses Maimonides, Abraham Cohen, Samuel Rapaport, Nurho de Manhar, Simeon Singer, Heinrich Graetz, Louis Ginzberg, Judah Halevi