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Think Better - Unlocking the Power of Reason

Ulrich L. Lehner

Turning Points in the Expansion of Christianity - From Pentecost to the Present

Alice T. Ott

Been in the Struggle - Pursuing an Antiracist Spirituality

Tobin Miller Shearer, Regina Shands Stoltzfus

Why God Makes Sense in a World That Doesn't - The Beauty of Christian Theism

Gavin Ortlund

The Physics of God - How the Deepest Theories of Science Explain Religion and How the Deepest Truths of Religion Explain Science

Joseph Selbie

Early North African Christianity - Turning Points in the Development of the Church

David L. Eastman

When Did Sin Begin? - Human Evolution and the Doctrine of Original Sin

Loren Haarsma

Defending the Faith - The Russian Orthodox Church and the Demise of Religious Pluralism 

Lincoln E. Flake

The Power Worshippers - Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism

Katherine Stewart

The Way of St Benedict

Rowan Williams

Science and the Modern World

Alfred North Whitehead

The Wind the Fountain and the Fire - Scripture and the Renewal of the Christian Imagination: The 2020 Lent Book

Mark Barrett

Christianity - A Brief Introduction

Charles E. Farhadian

A Concise Guide to the Quran - Answering Thirty Critical Questions

Ayman S. Ibrahim

Religious Intimacies - Intersubjectivity in the Modern Christian West

Mary Dunn, Brenna Moore

Unity in Faith? - Edinoverie Russian Orthodoxy and Old Belief 1800–1918

J. M. White

With Him - Listening to the Underside of the World

Bruno Cadoré

In Search of Radical Theology - Expositions Explorations Exhortations

John D. Caputo

Alive in God - A Christian Imagination

Timothy Radcliffe

Born Again and Again - Jesus' Call to Radical Transformation

Megan K. Westra

How to Improve Your Mind

Baruch Spinoza

The Joy of God - Collected Writings

Mary David, St Cecilia's Abbey

An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding

David Hume

Atank Se Samjhauta

Dr. Praveen Tiwari

The Nonconformist Revolution - Religious Dissent Innovation and Rebellion

Amanda J Thomas

Churches and Churchyards of England and Wales

Richard Hayman

The Black Madonna of Einsiedeln - An Ancient Image for Our Present Time

Fred Gustafson

Talking with Angels

Gitta Mallasz, Hanna Dallos

The Purity Principle - Finding Authenticity in the Age of Deception

B. B. Bodhayan

Essential Vaishnava Teachings - The Path of Pure Devotion

B. B. Bodhayan