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The Revelation Of Jesus Christ


The Family - A Christian Perspective on the Contemporary Home

Jack O. Balswick, Judith K. Balswick, Thomas V. Frederick

The Essential Summa Theologiae - A Reader and Commentary

Frederick Christian Bauerschmidt

Think Better - Unlocking the Power of Reason

Ulrich L. Lehner

Turning Points in the Expansion of Christianity - From Pentecost to the Present

Alice T. Ott

On Love and Mercy - A Social Justice Devotional

Stephen Mattson

Rescue - When God's Cavalry Arrives to Deliver You from Quiet Desperation

Justin Camp

Been in the Struggle - Pursuing an Antiracist Spirituality

Tobin Miller Shearer, Regina Shands Stoltzfus

How to Be - A Monk and a Journalist Reflect on Living & Dying Purpose & Prayer Forgiveness & Friendship

Judith Valente, Paul Quenon

Promises Promises

Jeff Lucas

Exorcism Through the Ages

St. Elmo Nauman

Why God Makes Sense in a World That Doesn't - The Beauty of Christian Theism

Gavin Ortlund

Why Did Jesus Live a Perfect Life? - The Necessity of Christ's Obedience for Our Salvation

Brandon D. Crowe

Pastoral Theology in the Baptist Tradition - Distinctives and Directions for the Contemporary Church

R. Robert Creech

Miracles Today - The Supernatural Work of God in the Modern World

Craig S. Keener

Return to the Root - Reflections on the Inner Life

Joyce Rupp

Not Quite Fine - Mental Health Faith and Showing Up for One Another

Carlene Hill Byron

Blinger - An Entrepreneur's Faith-Based Journey

Angie Cella

The Enneagram Guide to Waking Up - Find Your Path Face Your Shadow Discover Your True Self

Beatrice Chestnut, Uranio Paes

Tools for Theosis - Becoming God-like in Christ

Father Anthony Coniaris

A Gentle Boldness - Sharing the Peace of Jesus in a Multi-Faith World

David W Shenk

A Theology of the Christian Life - Imitating and Participating in God

Christopher R. J. Holmes

A Cloud of Witnesses - Celebrating Indonesian Mennonites

John D Roth

Jesus Everlasting - Leaning on Our Counselor Defender Father and Friend

Wendy Pope

The Worship Architect - A Blueprint for Designing Culturally Relevant and Biblically Faithful Services

Constance M. Cherry

Reformed Public Theology - A Global Vision for Life in the World

Matthew Kaemingk

Early North African Christianity - Turning Points in the Development of the Church

David L. Eastman

The Space Between Us - Conversations about Transforming Conflict

Betty Pries

When Did Sin Begin? - Human Evolution and the Doctrine of Original Sin

Loren Haarsma

Following (Pastoring for Life: Theological Wisdom for Ministering Well) - Embodied Discipleship in a Digital Age

Jason Byassee, Andria Irwin