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Fear in Our Hearts - What Islamophobia Tells Us about America

Caleb Iyer Elfenbein

In Remembrance of the Saints - The Rise and Fall of an Inner Asian Sufi Dynasty

David Brophy

The Arab and Jewish Questions - Geographies of Engagement in Palestine and Beyond

Leila Farsakh, Bashir Bashir

Representing Islam - Hip-Hop of the September 11 Generation

Kamaludeen Mohamed Nasir

Say What Your Longing Heart Desires - Women Prayer and Poetry in Iran

Niloofar Haeri

A Concise Guide to the Quran - Answering Thirty Critical Questions

Ayman S. Ibrahim

Hasan-i-Sabah - Assassin Master

James Wasserman

Imperial Mecca - Ottoman Arabia and the Indian Ocean Hajj

Michael Christopher Low

Between Muslims - Religious Difference in Iraqi Kurdistan

J. Andrew Bush

Remaking Islam in African Portugal - Lisbon—Mecca—Bissau

Michelle Johnson

Cultures of Eschatology - Volume 1: Empires and Scriptural Authorities in Medieval Christian Islamic and Buddhist Communities Volume 2: Time Death and Afterlife in Medieval Christian Islamic and Buddhist Communities

Johann Heiss, Veronika Wieser, Vincent Eltschinger

Muslim American City - Gender and Religion in Metro Detroit

Alisha Perkins

From Scrolls to Scrolling - Sacred Texts Materiality and Dynamic Media Cultures

Bradford A. Anderson

Far from the Caliph's Gaze - Being Ahmadi Muslim in the Holy City of Qadian

Nicholas H. A. Evans

The Concept of Revelation in Judaism Christianity and Islam

Georges Tamer

Muhammad and the Empires of Faith - The Making of the Prophet of Islam

Sean W. Anthony

Barren Women - Religion and Medicine in the Medieval Middle East

Sara Verskin

The Closed Circle - Joining and Leaving the Muslim Brotherhood in the West

Lorenzo Vidino

Ms Marvel's America - No Normal

Jessica Baldanzi, Hussein Rashid

That Can Be Arranged - A Muslim Love Story

Huda Fahmy

Spiritual Subjects - Central Asian Pilgrims and the Ottoman Hajj at the End of Empire

Lale Can

Transregional and Regional Elites – Connecting the Early Islamic Empire

Hannah-Lena Hagemann, Stefan Heidemann

Sunnis and Shi'a - A Political History

Laurence Louër

Tatar Empire - Kazan's Muslims and the Making of Imperial Russia

Danielle Ross

Visions of Deliverance - Moriscos and the Politics of Prophecy in the Early Modern Mediterranean

Mayte Green-Mercado

New Islamic Urbanism - The Architecture of Public and Private Space in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Stefan Maneval

The Literary Qur'an - Narrative Ethics in the Maghreb

Hoda El Shakry

Light in the Heavens - Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad

al-Qāḍī al-Quḍāʿī

A Virtue of Disobedience

Asim Qureshi

Peaceful Families - American Muslim Efforts against Domestic Violence

Juliane Hammer