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The Way of St Benedict

Rowan Williams

Two Gods in Heaven - Jewish Concepts of God in Antiquity

Peter Schäfer

Nava-vraja-mahimā 6 - Volume Six

Sivarama Swami

Christianity - A Brief Introduction

Charles E. Farhadian

Theory of Women in Religions

Catherine Wessinger

Confucianism and Sacred Space - The Confucius Temple from Imperial China to Today

Chin-shing Huang

Know What's Coming - Recognize changes & crises in advance overcome fears read people & learn psychology act effectively through intuition floor talk & informal communication

Simone Janson

A Concise Guide to the Quran - Answering Thirty Critical Questions

Ayman S. Ibrahim

Making Peace with the Universe - Personal Crisis and Spiritual Healing

Michael Scott Alexander

How God Becomes Real - Kindling the Presence of Invisible Others

T.M. Luhrmann

With Him - Listening to the Underside of the World

Bruno Cadoré

Apocalyptic Geographies - Religion Media and the American Landscape

Jerome Tharaud

White Utopias - The Religious Exoticism of Transformational Festivals

Amanda J. Lucia

Yeshiva Days - Learning on the Lower East Side

Jonathan Boyarin

Representing God - Christian Legal Activism in Contemporary England

Méadhbh McIvor

Blaming the Jews - Politics and Delusion

Bernard Harrison

In Search of Radical Theology - Expositions Explorations Exhortations

John D. Caputo

Teresa of Avila and the Rhetoric of Femininity

Alison Weber

The Early Greek Concept of the Soul

Jan Bremmer

The Yoga Sutras of Patañjali

Abū Rayḥān al-Bīrūnī

Christ in Crisis? - Why We Need to Reclaim Jesus

Jim Wallis

Framing Intellectual and Lived Spaces in Early South Asia - Sources and Boundaries

Lucas den Boer, Elizabeth A. Cecil

The Jefferson Bible - A Biography

Peter Manseau

The Rebellion of the Daughters - Jewish Women Runaways in Habsburg Galicia

Rachel Manekin

The Charmed Triangle - Religion Science and Spirituality – Breaking Out of Belief

Bill K Koul, Vijay Narain Shankar

Regular Soldiers Irregular War - Violence and Restraint in the Second Intifada

Devorah S. Manekin

Kierkegaard's Concept of Despair

Michael Theunissen

Cultures of Eschatology - Volume 1: Empires and Scriptural Authorities in Medieval Christian Islamic and Buddhist Communities Volume 2: Time Death and Afterlife in Medieval Christian Islamic and Buddhist Communities

Johann Heiss, Veronika Wieser, Vincent Eltschinger

Russia's Entangled Embrace - The Tsarist Empire and the Armenians 1801-1914

Stephen Badalyan Riegg

Power Piety and People - The Politics of Holy Cities in the Twenty-First Century

Michael Dumper