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Tao Te Ching & Taoism For Beginners – World’s Best Collection - Taoist Expert Translations and Explanations For Beginners to Advanced Levels For Easy Understanding Of The Dao De Jing

Lao Tzu, ETC Werner

From Kuan Yin to Chariman Mao - The Essential Guide to Chinese Deities

Xueting Christine Ni

The Heritage of Sufism (Volume 2) - The Legacy of Medieval Persian Sufism (1150-1500)

Leonard Lewisohn

The Heritage of Sufism (Volume 1) - Classical Persian Sufism from Its Origins to Rumi (700-1300)

Leonard Lewisohn

The Heritage of Sufism (Volume 3) - Late Classical Persianate Sufism (1501-1750)

David Morgan, Leonard Lewisohn

Native American Mythology - Myths & Legends of Cherokee Iroquois Navajo Siouan and Zuñi

Frank Hamilton Cushing, Washington Matthews, James Mooney, Lewis Spence, Erminnie A. Smith, James Owen Dorsey

Myths of the Iroquois - Illustrated Edition

Erminnie A. Smith

Outlines of Zuñi Creation Myths

Frank Hamilton Cushing

A Study of Siouan Cults - Illustrated Edition

James Owen Dorsey

Myths of the Cherokee - Illustrated Edition

James Mooney

The Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees - Illustrated Edition

James Mooney

The Myths of the North American Indians - Illustrated Edition

Lewis Spence

The Myths of Mexico and Peru

Lewis Spence

Feng Shui or the Rudiments of Natural Science in China

Ernest Eitel

In Search of Israel - The History of an Idea

Michael Brenner

Think and Grow Rich special edition

Napoleon Hill

Genuine Pretending - On the Philosophy of the Zhuangzi

Hans-Georg Moeller, Paul J. D'Ambrosio

Ayahuasca - Soul Medicine of the Amazon Jungle A Comprehensive and Practical Guide

Javier Regueiro

Summary and Analysis of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values - Based on the Book by Robert M Pirsig

Worth Books

Fear and Fortune - Spirit Worlds and Emerging Economies in the Mongolian Gold Rush

Mette M. High

The Tao of Architecture

Amos Ih Tiao Chang

The Analects


Red Thread Zen - Humanly Entangled in Emptiness

Susan Murphy

The Philosophy of the Mòzĭ - The First Consequentialists

Chris Fraser

Chinese Alchemy - Taoism the Power of Gold and the Quest for Immortality

Jan Cooper

The Miracles of the Kasuga Deity

Royall Tyler

War and Shadows - The Haunting of Vietnam

Mai Lan Gustafsson

Red Brethren - The Brothertown and Stockbridge Indians and the Problem of Race in Early America

David J. Silverman

The Bahá’ís of America - The Growth of a Religious Movement

Mike McMullen

Electric Santería - Racial and Sexual Assemblages of Transnational Religion

Aisha Beliso-De Jesús