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Religion & beliefs / Religion: general

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Alexandre Kojève

Christian Ethics and Moral Philosophy - An Introduction to Issues and Approaches

Don Thorsen, Craig A. Boyd

Pantheologies - Gods Worlds Monsters

Mary-Jane Rubenstein

Jewish Manuscript Cultures - New Perspectives

Irina Wandrey

Awaiting the King (Cultural Liturgies Book #3) - Reforming Public Theology

James K.A. Smith



Hacking ISIS - How to Destroy the Cyber Jihad

Malcolm Nance, Christopher Sampson

Science and Islam (Icon Science) - A History

Ehsan Masood

Nava-vraja-mahimā 4 - Volume Four

Sivarama Swami

Nava-vraja-mahimā 3 - Volume Three

Sivarama Swami

Nava-vraja-mahimā 7 - Volume Seven

Sivarama Swami

Christianity Islam and Orisa-Religion - Three Traditions in Comparison and Interaction

J.D.Y. Peel

Psychoanalysis and Religion

Erich Fromm

After Christianity

Gianni Vattimo

The Future of Religion

Richard Rorty, Gianni Vattimo

Political Theology of the Earth - Our Planetary Emergency and the Struggle for a New Public

Catherine Keller

In Many Pulpits with Dr C I Scofield

C. I Scofield

The Rabbi’s Brain - Mystics Moderns and the Science of Jewish Thinking

Andrew Newberg, David Halpern

Once You Go In - A Memoir of Radical Faith

Carly Gelsinger

The Book of Revelation - A Biography

Timothy Beal

The Bearded Goddess - Adrogynes goddesses and monsters in ancient Cyprus

Marie-Louise Winbladh

A Field Guide to the English Clergy - A Compendium of Diverse Eccentrics Pirates Prelates and Adventurers; All Anglican Some Even Practising

Fergus Butler-Gallie

Cold-Case Christianity Participant's Guide - A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels

J. Warner Wallace

The Saudi Terror Machine - The Truth About Radical Islam and Saudi Arabia Revealed

Pierre Conesa

Miscellaneous Papers - Volumes 1 & 2 Complete

H. A. Ironside

Answer to Thomas More

William Tyndale

The Practice of Prelates

William Tyndale

William James on the Courage to Believe

Robert J. O'Connell

Religion - Holistic Interrogations

Markus Heinrich Rehbach

Halakhah - The Rabbinic Idea of Law

Chaim N. Saiman