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Political parties

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Voting in a Time of Change

Kevin YL Tan, Terence Lee

The Republican Party of Texas - A Political History

Wayne Thorburn

The Case for Liberalism in an Age of Extremism - or Why I Left the Left But Can't Join the Right

Alan Dershowitz

Downfall - The Demise of a President and His Party

Andrew Hacker

Biscuits the Dole and Nodding Donkeys - Texas Politics 1929–1932

Norman D. Brown

The First Wave

Loke Hoe Yeong

The EU’s Impact on Identity Formation in East-Central Europe between 2004 and 2013 - Perceptions of the Nation and Europe in Political Parties of the Czech Republic Poland and Slovakia

Michal Vit

The Nazi Seizure of Power - The Experience of a Single German Town 1922-1945

William Sheridan Allen

What Happened to Bernie Sanders

Jared H. Beck