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The Politics of Digital Pharmacology - Exploring the Craft of Collective Care

Felix Heidenreich, Florian Weber-Stein

»We Are All Activists« - Exploring Solidarities in Activism By With and For Refugees and Migrants in Hamburg

Lea Rzadtki

Biopolitics and Historic Justice - Coming to Terms with the Injuries of Normality

Kathrin Braun

Voting in a Time of Change

Kevin YL Tan, Terence Lee

The Art of Advocacy in Singapore

Margaret Thomas, Constance Singam

Socialism Looks Forward

John Strachey

The Concept of Social Class in Contemporary Marxist Theory

Massimo Modonesi, María Vignau Loría, Alfonso Galileo García Vela

Convivial Futures - Views from a Post-Growth Tomorrow

Frank Adloff, Alain Caillé

Secret Agenda - Watergate Deep Throat and the CIA

Jim Hougan

Putin Trump & Proud Boys - Should the nuclear danger concern us?

Catherine Dumont

What WE Lost - Inside the Attack on Canada’s Largest Children’s Charity

Tawfiq S. Rangwala

(Dis)Obedience in Digital Societies - Perspectives on the Power of Algorithms and Data

Sven Quadflieg, Klaus Neuburg, Simon Nestler

Voices for the Future - 20 Years of the Trilogue Salzburg

Wolfgang Schüssel, Liz Mohn

Ordinary Equality - The Fearless Women and Queer People Who Shaped the US Constitution and the Equal Rights Amendment

Kate Kelly

Weaving Solidarity - Decolonial Perspectives on Transnational Advocacy of and with the Mapuche

Sebastian Garbe

Political Leadership Between Democracy and Authoritarianism - Comparative and Historical Perspectives

Jerzy J. Wiatr

Notes on Democracy

H. L. Mencken

The Coordinated Authoritarian Eurasian Superpower Challenge - Quadrology

Goeran B Johansson

Moving beyond Islamist Extremism - Assessing Counter Narrative Responses to the Global Far Right

William Allchorn

Captain Paul Watson Interview - "You can't destroy a movement""

Paul Watson, Sarah Schuster, Michele Sciurba

Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Operations

Department of the Army Headquarters

Human Intelligence Collector Operations

Department of the Army Headquarters

Whistleblowing for Change - Exposing Systems of Power and Injustice

Tatiana Bazzichelli

The Concentration of Power - Institutionalization Hierarchy & Hegemony

Anders Corr

Zero-Sum Victory - What We're Getting Wrong About War

Christopher D. Kolenda

Journal of Romanian Studies - Volume 32 (2021)

Peter Gross, Svetlana Suveica

Goodbye to the Working Class - Social change incompetence and sleaze push Labour to the brink

Reg Race

A Reply to Hate: Forgiving My Attacker

Nasser Kurdy, David Tucker

The Long Shadow of World War II - The Legacy of the War and its Impact on Political and Military Thinking Since 1945

Matthias Strohn

Fauci Leaks - Why did the Director of NIAID decide to fund coronavirus gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

Catherine Dumont