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Political control & freedoms

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Whistleblowing for Change - Exposing Systems of Power and Injustice

Tatiana Bazzichelli

Hidden Hand - Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World

Clive Hamilton, Mareike Ohlberg

Scottish Home Rule - The Answer to Scotland's Constitutional Question

Ben Thomson

Insurgent Media from the Front - A Media Activism Reader

Stephen Charbonneau, Chris Robé

Struggle and Suffrage in Norwich - Women's Lives and the Fight for Equality

Gill Blanchard

The Character of American Democracy - Preserving Our Past Protecting Our Future

Jill Long Thompson

The Thomas Paine Collection - Common Sense Rights of Man and The Age of Reason

Thomas Paine

Overthrowing the Queen - Telling Stories of Welfare in America

Tom Mould

Britain's War Against the Slave Trade - The Operations of the Royal Navy's West Africa Squadron 1807–1867

Anthony Sullivan

Cooperation & Coercion - How Busybodies Became Busybullies and What that Means for Economics and Politics

Antony Davies, James R Harrigan

Socializing Development - Transnational Social Movement Advocacy and the Human Rights Accountability of Multilateral Development Banks

Leon Valentin Schettler

The Hostage Rescuer - The Return of a Child into a Mother's Arms

Martin Phillips, Darren Franklin

Political Participation in the Digital Age - An Ethnographic Comparison Between Iceland and Germany

Julia Tiemann-Kollipost

The Freedom Paradox - Is Unbridled Freedom Dividing America?

Bobby Albert

MillenniALL - How to claim your future in the Age of the Millennial

Sean Purcell

The rise of the Palace State - Turkey under the state of emergency

Ihsan Gümüs

My Seditious Heart - Collected Nonfiction

Arundhati Roy

Why Europe Should Become a Republic! - A Political Utopia

Ulrike Guérot

China Japan and the USA - Geopolitical Analysis on the Impact of Eastern Powers on United States

John Dewey

The American Crisis

Thomas Paine

The Essential Works of Thomas Paine - Common Sense The Rights of Man & The Age of Reason Speeches Letters and Biography

Thomas Paine

The Feminist Papers - A Vindication of the Rights of Women

Mary Wollstonecraft

A Citizen's Democracy in Authoritarian Times - An American View on the Catalan Drive for Independence

Thomas S. Harrington

New Authoritarianism - Challenges to Democracy in the 21st century

Jerzy J. Wiatr

Howard Zinn's Southern Diary - Sit-ins Civil Rights and Black Women's Student Activism

Robert Cohen

The Great American Citizenship Quiz - Newly Revised and Updated

Solomon M. Skolnick

There Is No Such Thing As Hate Speech - A Case For Absolute Freedom Of Expression

Ravi Shanker Kapoor

How to Resist - Turn Protest to Power

Matthew Bolton

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race - The Sunday Times Bestseller

Reni Eddo-Lodge

Areopagitica - Including the Biography of the Author

John John