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International relations

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Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Operations

Department of the Army Headquarters

Human Intelligence Collector Operations

Department of the Army Headquarters

Journal of Romanian Studies - Volume 31 (2021)

Peter Gross, Iuliu Ratiu, Claudia Lonkin

Food Security and International Relations - Critical Perspectives From the Global South

Thiago Lima, Agostina Costantino

The Making of Martyrs in India Pakistan & Bangladesh - Indira Bhutto & Mujib

Faisal Khosa

The Middle East Riddle - A Study of the Middle East Peace Process and Israeli-Arab Relations in Current Times

Luis Fleischman

The Uprising of the Pandemials - Human Cycles and the Decade of Turbulence

Federico Dominguez

European Regions - Perspectives Trends and Developments in the 21st Century

Gabriele Abels, Elisabeth Donat, Sarah Meyer

Soldier in the Sand - A Personal History of the Modern Middle East

Simon Mayall

Espionage in the Divided Stuart Dynasty 1685–1715

Julian Whitehead

British Naval Intelligence through the Twentieth Century

Andrew Boyd

An Englishman Abroad - SOE agent Dick Mallaby’s Italian missions 1943–45

Gianluca Barneschi

India-Pakistan Strategic Relations - The Nuclear Dilemma

Christoph Bluth, Uzma Mumtaz

Journal of Romanian Studies - Volume 21 (2020)

Peter Gross, Diane Vancea, Iuliu Ratiu, Claudia Lonkin


Stephen Twigge

The Secret US Plan to Overthrow the British Empire - War Plan Red

Graham M. Simons

Remaking North American Sovereignty - State Transformation in the 1860s

Frank Towers, Jewel L. Spangler

North Korea - Warring with the World

Paul Moorcraft

The Arms Crisis of 1970 - The Number One Bestseller

Michael Heney

Socializing Development - Transnational Social Movement Advocacy and the Human Rights Accountability of Multilateral Development Banks

Leon Valentin Schettler

An Impeccable Spy - Richard Sorge Stalin’s Master Agent

Owen Matthews

Unexpected State - British Politics and the Creation of Israel

Carly Beckerman

GCHQ - The Secret Wireless War 1900–1986

Nigel West

Putin's Virtual War - Russia's Subversion and Conversion of America Europe and the World Beyond

William Nester

Assassins - The KGB's Poison Factory 10 Years On

Boris Volodarsky

Breaking Protocol - America's First Female Ambassadors 1933–1964

Philip Nash

MI6: British Secret Intelligence Service Operations 1909–1945

Nigel West

India After Modi - Populism and the Right

Ajay Gudavarthy

Journal of Romanian Studies - Volume 12 (2019)

Margaret Beissinger, Lavinia Stan, Radu Cinpoes, Svetlana Suveica

The Third Reich is Listening - Inside German codebreaking 1939–45

Christian Jennings