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Political activism

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Fears of a Setting Sun - The Disillusionment of America's Founders

Dennis C. Rasmussen

The Revolutionary Mystique and Terrorism in Contemporary Italy

Richard Drake

Thriving in the Fight - A Survival Manual for Latinas on the Front Lines of Change

Denise Padín Collazo

Amakomiti - Grassroots Democracy in South African Shack Settlements

Trevor Ngwane

Syrian Requiem - The Civil War and Its Aftermath

Itamar Rabinovich, Carmit Valensi

Public Opinion and Democratic Accountability - How Citizens Learn about Politics

Vincent L. Hutchings

Amateurs without Borders - The Aspirations and Limits of Global Compassion

Allison Schnable

Roads Runways and Resistance - From the Newbury Bypass to Extinction Rebellion

Steve Melia

Kurdish Women's Stories

Houzan Mahmoud

Decolonizing Israel Liberating Palestine - Zionism Settler Colonialism and the Case for One Democratic State

Jeff Halper

Surmountable - How Citizens from Selma to Seoul Changed the World

Brian Gruber, Adam Monier Edwards

Never-Ending War on Terror

Alex Lubin

Bread and Roses - Gender and Class Under Capitalism

Andrea D'Atri

Conflict Among Rebels - Why Insurgent Groups Fight Each Other

Costantino Pischedda

Social Reproduction Theory and the Socialist Horizon - Work Power and Political Strategy

Aaron Jaffe

Disasters and Social Reproduction - Crisis Response between the State and Community

Peer Illner

When Movements Matter - The Townsend Plan and the Rise of Social Security

Edwin Amenta

Global Jihad - A Brief History

Glenn E. Robinson

InsUrgent Media from the Front - A Media Activism Reader

Stephen Charbonneau, Chris Robé

Shadow Network - Media Money and the Secret Hub of the Radical Right

Anne Nelson

Nestor Makhno and Rural Anarchism in Ukraine 1917-1921

Colin Darch

Conspiracy in the Streets - The Extraordinary Trial of the Chicago Seven

Jon Wiener

The War on the Uyghurs - China's Internal Campaign against a Muslim Minority

Sean R. Roberts

Exploring Degrowth - A Critical Guide

Vincent Liegey, Anitra Nelson

The Global Police State

William I. Robinson

American Zealots - Inside Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism

Arie Perliger

The Roots of Resilience - Party Machines and Grassroots Politics in Southeast Asia

Meredith L. Weiss

Ethnicity Commodity In Corporation

George Paul Meiu, Jean Comaroff, John L. Comaroff

Tortured Logic - Why Some Americans Support the Use of Torture in Counterterrorism

Joseph Young, Erin M. Kearns

Electoral Violence Corruption and Political Order

Sarah Birch