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Political control & freedoms

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Russia's Hero Cities - From Postwar Ruins to the Soviet Heroarchy

Ivo Mijnssen

Blood Washing Blood - Afghanistan's Hundred-Year War

Phil Halton

Strike the Hammer - The Black Freedom Struggle in Rochester New York 1940–1970

Laura Warren Hill

Up to Heaven and Down to Hell - Fracking Freedom and Community in an American Town

Colin Jerolmack

Securing Democracy - My Fight for Press Freedom and Justice in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

Glenn Greenwald

Border Nation - A Story of Migration

Leah Cowan

Immigration and Freedom

Chandran Kukathas

The 1776 Report

Matthew Spalding, Carol Swain, Larry P. Arnn

Crisis of the Two Constitutions - The Rise Decline and Recovery of American Greatness

Charles R. Kesler

Syrian Requiem - The Civil War and Its Aftermath

Itamar Rabinovich, Carmit Valensi

War and Genocide in South Sudan

Clémence Pinaud

High Rise Stories - Voices from Chicago Public Housing

Audrey Petty

Decolonizing Israel Liberating Palestine - Zionism Settler Colonialism and the Case for One Democratic State

Jeff Halper

Bread and Roses - Gender and Class Under Capitalism

Andrea D'Atri

Decolonizing Palestine - Hamas between the Anticolonial and the Postcolonial

Somdeep Sen

The Autocratic Middle Class - How State Dependency Reduces the Demand for Democracy

Bryn Rosenfeld

Feeding the Hungry - Advocacy and Blame in the Global Fight against Hunger

Michelle Jurkovich

The Subject of Human Rights

Danielle Celermajer, Alexandre Lefebvre

Nestor Makhno and Rural Anarchism in Ukraine 1917-1921

Colin Darch

Conspiracy in the Streets - The Extraordinary Trial of the Chicago Seven

Jon Wiener

The War on the Uyghurs - China's Internal Campaign against a Muslim Minority

Sean R. Roberts

Azadi - Freedom Fascism Fiction

Arundhati Roy

Human Shields - A History of People in the Line of Fire

Neve Gordon, Nicola Perugini

The Global Police State

William I. Robinson

Hong Kong in Revolt - The Protest Movement and the Future of China

Au Loong-Yu

Tortured Logic - Why Some Americans Support the Use of Torture in Counterterrorism

Joseph Young, Erin M. Kearns

Learning the Lessons of Modern War

Thomas G. Mahnken

Kissinger and Latin America - Intervention Human Rights and Diplomacy

Stephen G. Rabe

Dying for an iPhone - Apple Foxconn and The Lives of China's Workers

Jenny Chan, Mark Selden, Ngai Pun

Between Everything and Nothing - The Journey of Seidu Mohammed and Razak Iyal and the Quest for Asylum

Joe Meno