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Regional / local / state government

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From Mandate to Blueprint - Lessons from Intelligence Reform

Thomas Fingar

The Syrian Revolution - Between the Politics of Life and the Geopolitics of Death

Yasser Munif

The Browns of California - The Family Dynasty that Transformed a State and Shaped a Nation

Miriam Pawel

After Grenfell - Violence Resistance and Response

Dan Bulley, Jenny Edkins, Nadine El-Enany

Identity Crisis - The 2016 Presidential Campaign and the Battle for the Meaning of America

John Sides, Michael Tesler, Lynn Vavreck

The Unsolid South - Mass Politics and National Representation in a One-Party Enclave

Devin Caughey

Smarter New York City - How City Agencies Innovate

André Corrêa d'Almeida

Political Hypocrisy - The Mask of Power from Hobbes to Orwell and Beyond Revised Edition - Second Edition

David Runciman

Southern Nation - Congress and White Supremacy after Reconstruction

Ira Katznelson, David Bateman, John S. Lapinski

Deep Roots - How Slavery Still Shapes Southern Politics

Matthew Blackwell, Avidit Acharya, Maya Sen

California Greenin' - How the Golden State Became an Environmental Leader

David Vogel

Small Town Big Oil - The Untold Story of the Women Who Took on the Richest Man in the World—and Won

David W. Moore

Coping with Adversity - Regional Economic Resilience and Public Policy

Edward Hill, Howard Wial, Harold Wolman, Travis St. Clair

Looking to London - Stories of War Escape and Asylum

Cynthia Cockburn

Dilemmas of Inclusion - Muslims in European Politics

Rafaela M. Dancygier

Rose City Vice - Portland in the 70's — Dirty Cops and Dirty Robbers

Phil Stanford


Joan Didion


Joan Didion

Militarizing the Nation - The Army Business and Revolution in Egypt

Zeinab Abul-Magd

The Declaration of Independence & United States Constitution – Including Bill of Rights and Complete Amendments - The Principles on Which Our Identity as Americans Is Based (With The Federalist Papers & Inaugural Speeches of George Washington John Adams and Thomas Jefferson)

Thomas Paine, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, U.S. Government

Centrifugal Empire - Central–Local Relations in China

Jae Ho Chung

The Europeanization of the World - On the Origins of Human Rights and Democracy

John M. Headley

Building a Smarter Community - GIS for State and Local Government

Christopher Thomas, Keith Mann

Until Justice Be Done: America's First Civil Rights Movement from the Revolution to Reconstruction

Kate Masur

Faces Behind These Systems - 3 Felonies without Committing A Single Crime How The Government Stole My Identity

NK Yahushua

Gerrymandering Texas

Steve Bickerstaff

Trust: America's Best Chance

Pete Buttigieg

In the Loop - A Political and Economic History of San Antonio

David R. Johnson

Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals Through Better Local-Level Data - A Case Study on Lumajang and Pacitan Districts in Indonesia

Asian Development Bank

Trump's Democrats

Stephanie Muravchik, Jon A. Shields