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Political ideologies

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Remake the World - Essays Reflections Rebellions

Astra Taylor

The Nazis' Flight from Justice - How Hitler's Followers Attempted to Vanish Without Trace

Richard Dargie, Julian Flanders

The Ecocentrists - A History of Radical Environmentalism

Keith Makoto Woodhouse

Weak Strongman - The Limits of Power in Putin's Russia

Timothy Frye

Dividing Paradise - Rural Inequality and the Diminishing American Dream

Jennifer Sherman

A Decade of Upheaval - The Cultural Revolution in Rural China

Andrew G. Walder, Dong Guoqiang

Mysterious Travelers - Steve Ditko and the Search for a New Liberal Identity

Zack Kruse

Border and Rule - Global Migration Capitalism and the Rise of Racist Nationalism

Harsha Walia

The Truth About Modern Slavery

Emily Kenway

What is Property?

P. J. Proudhon

Nested Nationalism - Making and Unmaking Nations in the Soviet Caucasus

Krista A. Goff

Homeschooling the Right - How Conservative Education Activism Erodes the State

Heath Brown

Bread and Roses - Gender and Class Under Capitalism

Andrea D'Atri

The Autocratic Middle Class - How State Dependency Reduces the Demand for Democracy

Bryn Rosenfeld

Leviathan on a Leash - A Theory of State Responsibility

Sean Fleming

Emma Goldman and the Russian Revolution - From Admiration to Frustration

Frank Jacob

Social Reproduction Theory and the Socialist Horizon - Work Power and Political Strategy

Aaron Jaffe

Inventions of Nemesis - Utopia Indignation and Justice

Douglas Mao

Museums of Communism - New Memory Sites in Central and Eastern Europe

Stephen M. Norris

Shadow Network - Media Money and the Secret Hub of the Radical Right

Anne Nelson

Hate in the Homeland - The New Global Far Right

Cynthia Miller-Idriss

Conservatism - The Fight for a Tradition

Edmund Fawcett

Who Rules? - Sovereignty Nationalism and the Fate of Freedom in the Twenty-First Century

Roger Kimball

On Liberty

John Stuart Mill

Bowling for Communism - Urban Ingenuity at the End of East Germany

Andrew Demshuk

Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic by the Radical Right - Scapegoating Conspiracy Theories and New Narratives

Tamir Bar-On, Bàrbara Molas

Nestor Makhno and Rural Anarchism in Ukraine 1917-1921

Colin Darch

Fascism - History and Theory

David Renton

The Secret Temple - Masons Mysteries and the Founding of America

Peter Levenda

Remains of Socialism - Memory and the Futures of the Past in Postsocialist Hungary

Maya Nadkarni