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International relations

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Nonstate Warfare - The Military Methods of Guerillas Warlords and Militias

Stephen Biddle

Weak Strongman - The Limits of Power in Putin's Russia

Timothy Frye

The Making of Martyrs in India Pakistan & Bangladesh - Indira Bhutto & Mujib

Faisal Khosa

Is Russia Fascist? - Unraveling Propaganda East and West

Marlene Laruelle

Operation Dragon - Inside the Kremlin's Secret War on America

Ion Mihai Pacepa, R. James Woolsey

Slow Anti-Americanism - Social Movements and Symbolic Politics in Central Asia

Edward Schatz

The Uprising of the Pandemials - Human Cycles and the Decade of Turbulence

Federico Dominguez

Revolution in Development - Mexico and the Governance of the Global Economy

Christy Thornton

Trading Voices - The European Union in International Commercial Negotiations

Sophie Meunier

Fulfilling the Sacred Trust - The UN Campaign for International Accountability for Dependent Territories in the Era of Decolonization

Mary Ann Heiss

Principles in Power - Latin America and the Politics of US Human Rights Diplomacy

Vanessa Walker

The Greek Fire - American-Ottoman Relations and Democratic Fervor in the Age of Revolutions

Maureen Connors Santelli

Conflict Among Rebels - Why Insurgent Groups Fight Each Other

Costantino Pischedda

The Imperial Discipline - Race and the Founding of International Relations

Peter Vale, Alexander E Davis, Vineet Thakur

Embodying Geopolitics - Generations of Women’s Activism in Egypt Jordan and Lebanon

Nicola Pratt

Engaging the Evil Empire - Washington Moscow and the Beginning of the End of the Cold War

Simon Miles

Rivers of Iron - Railroads and Chinese Power in Southeast Asia

David M. Lampton, Selina Ho, Cheng-Chwee Kuik

European Regions - Perspectives Trends and Developments in the 21st Century

Gabriele Abels, Elisabeth Donat, Sarah Meyer

Hong Kong in Revolt - The Protest Movement and the Future of China

Au Loong-Yu

International Intervention and the Problem of Legitimacy - Encounters in Postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina

Andrew Gilbert

Tortured Logic - Why Some Americans Support the Use of Torture in Counterterrorism

Joseph Young, Erin M. Kearns

Homelands - Shifting Borders and Territorial Disputes

Nadav G. Shelef

Oilcraft - The Myths of Scarcity and Security That Haunt US Energy Policy

Robert Vitalis

Learning the Lessons of Modern War

Thomas G. Mahnken

Communist China's War Inside America

Brian T. Kennedy

Kissinger and Latin America - Intervention Human Rights and Diplomacy

Stephen G. Rabe

In Camps - Vietnamese Refugees Asylum Seekers and Repatriates

Jana K. Lipman

Outsourcing Empire - How Company-States Made the Modern World

Andrew Phillips, J C Sharman

An Englishman Abroad - SOE agent Dick Mallaby’s Italian missions 1943–45

Gianluca Barneschi

India-Pakistan Strategic Relations - The Nuclear Dilemma

Christoph Bluth, Uzma Mumtaz