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International relations

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The Fury of the Tsar – Bonfire

David Autere

Locked Out - Regional Restrictions in Digital Entertainment Culture

Evan Elkins

Allies of Convenience - A Theory of Bargaining in US Foreign Policy

Evan N. Resnick

Syria After the Uprisings - The Political Economy of State Resilience

Joseph Daher

To Shape Our World for Good - Master Narratives and Regime Change in US Foreign Policy 1900–2011

Jr. Walldorf

Poppies Politics and Power - Afghanistan and the Global History of Drugs and Diplomacy

James Tharin Bradford

The Divine Plan

Paul Kengor, Robert Orlando

Exodus Reckoning Sacrifice - Three Meanings of Brexit

Kalypso Nicolaidis

Arc of Containment - Britain the United States and Anticommunism in Southeast Asia

Wen-Qing Ngoei

Khashoggi Dynasties and Double Standards

Joseph P. Duggan

Journal of Romanian Studies - Volume 11 (2019)

Lavinia Stan, Margaret Beissinger, Radu Cinpoes

Super Continent - The Logic of Eurasian Integration

Kent E. Calder

The Mueller Report - Complete Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election

Robert S. Mueller, Special Counsel's Office U.S. Department of Justice

Burdens of Freedom - Cultural Difference and American Power

Lawrence M. Mead

The Costs of Conversation - Obstacles to Peace Talks in Wartime

Oriana Skylar Mastro

Proxy Wars - Suppressing Violence through Local Agents

David A. Lake, Eli Berman

Collapse - A World in Crisis and the Urgency of American Leadership

Douglas E. Schoen

The Toss of a Coin - voices from a modern crisis

Rory O'Keeffe

Strategies against Bullying - Deal with Cyber-Mobbing Manipulation & Intriguing Colleagues! Guidlines to Communication & Conflict Resolution [Examples Templates Checklists]

Simone Janson

The Secret Agent's Pocket Manual - 1939-1945

Stephen Bull

The Migrant Passage - Clandestine Journeys from Central America

Noelle Kateri Brigden

The Doomsday Machine - Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner

Daniel Ellsberg

New Borders - Hotspots and the European Migration Regime

Joe Painter, Antonis Vradis, Evie Papada, Anna Papoutsi

Atomic Assurance - The Alliance Politics of Nuclear Proliferation

Alexander Lanoszka

Dark Pasts - Changing the State's Story in Turkey and Japan

Jennifer M. Dixon

Triadic Coercion - Israel’s Targeting of States That Host Nonstate Actors

Wendy Pearlman, Boaz Atzili

The Rise and Decline of the American Century

III Walker

A New Foreign Policy - Beyond American Exceptionalism

Jeffrey D. Sachs

Talking to North Korea - Ending the Nuclear Standoff

Glyn Ford

Rising Titans Falling Giants - How Great Powers Exploit Power Shifts

Joshua R. Itzkowitz Shifrinson