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Political parties

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The First Wave

Loke Hoe Yeong

Let's Have a Conversation - Respect Truth Trust Matter

Barbara M. Hoover

Rebuilding Liberalism - Social Justice with Individual Freedom

Guy Stanley

The Digital Party - Political Organisation and Online Democracy

Paolo Gerbaudo

Class Party Revolution - A Socialist Register Reader

Leo Panitch, Greg Albo

The Republican Workers Party - How the Trump Victory Drove Everyone Crazy and Why It Was Just What We Needed

F.H. Buckley

A Party with Socialists in It - A History of the Labour Left

Simon Hannah

Remember Mississippi - How Chris McDaniel Exposed the GOP Establishment and Inspired a Revolution

Ryan S. Walters

Joining a Prestigious Club - Cooperation with Europarties and Its Impact on Party Development in Georgia Moldova and Ukraine 2004–2015

Maria Shagina

The Communist Manifesto

Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels

Stealing America - What My Experience with Criminal Gangs Taught Me about Obama Hillary and the Democratic Party by Dinesh D’Souza | Key Takeaways Analysis & Review


Though They Slay Us Still Will We Trust Them - Are Black Christians More Obedient To The Democrats Than To Jesus Christ?

Mark Linen

Campaign Confessions - Tales from the War Rooms of Politics

John Laschinger

Summary of In Trump We Trust - by Ann Coulter | Includes Analysis

. Instaread

Green Shoots of Democracy within the Philadelphia Democratic Party

Karen Bojar

The Canadian Federal Election of 2015

Jon H. Pammett, Christopher Dornan

The Way Back - Restoring the Promise of America

F.H. Buckley

The Reunited States of America - How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide

Mark Gerzon

Being Red - A Politics for the Future

Ken Livingstone

The Runaway Campaign - A Year Inside the Republican Race for President

The Washington Post

PolitiGuide 2016 - A Simple and Neutral Summary of the Most Important Issues in the 2016 Presidential Election

Julian Rudolph, Kyle Hackel

The Case Against Trump

Kevin D. Williamson

November 22 1963 - Reflections on the Life Assassination and Legacy of John F Kennedy

Dean R. Owen

The Big Blue Machine - How Tory Campaign Backrooms Changed Canadian Politics Forever

J. Patrick Boyer

The Great Betrayal - How the Government with the Largest Majority in the History of the Irish State Lost its People

John Drennan

Rule-breakers – Why ‘Being There’ Trumps ‘Being Fair’ in Ireland - Uncovering Ireland’s National Psyche

Niamh Hourigan

How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate

Andrew J. Hoffman

Ruffians Yakuza Nationalists - The Violent Politics of Modern Japan 1860–1960

Eiko Maruko Siniawer

Financing the 2016 Election

David B. Magleby

Causative Factors of the Third Party Movement

James Killebrew