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Political ideologies

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Let's Have a Conversation - Respect Truth Trust Matter

Barbara M. Hoover

Mein Kampf

Adolf Hitler

The Everyday Nationalism of Workers - A Social History of Modern Belgium

Maarten Van Ginderachter

In the Red Corner - The Marxism of José Carlos Mariátegui

Mike Gonzalez

Checking Progressive Privilege

Carrie L. Lukas

Stalin’s Secret Police - A history of the CHEKA OGPU NKVD SMERSH & KGB: 1917–1991

Rupert Butler

A Reader's Guide to Marx's Capital

Joseph Choonara

Rebuilding Liberalism - Social Justice with Individual Freedom

Guy Stanley


Simon Tormey

Make My Day - Movie Culture in the Age of Reagan

J. Hoberman

The Women's Revolution - Russia 1905–1917

Judy Cox

Old Whigs - Burke Lincoln and the Politics of Prudence

Greg Weiner

The Divine Plan

Paul Kengor, Robert Orlando

Exodus Reckoning Sacrifice - Three Meanings of Brexit

Kalypso Nicolaidis

Beyond the Golden Door - Seeing the American Dream through an Immigrant's Eyes

Ali Master

Coming Home - Reclaiming America's Conservative Soul

Ted V. McAllister, Bruce P. Frohnen

A Grander Vision - My Life in the Labour Movement

Sid Ryan

Active Defense - China's Military Strategy since 1949

M. Taylor Fravel

Red Star Over the Third World

Vijay Prashad

The New Authoritarians - Convergence on the Right

David Renton

The Early Beginnings of USA - The Beginnings of the American People The Eve of the Revolution The Declaration of Independence—A Study in the History of Political Ideas

Carl Lotus Becker

The Beginnings of the American People

Carl Lotus Becker

The Eve of the Revolution - A Chronicle of the Breach With England

Carl Lotus Becker

The Declaration of Independence: A Study in the History of Political Ideas

Carl Lotus Becker

The Seduction of Unreason - The Intellectual Romance with Fascism from Nietzsche to Postmodernism Second Edition

Richard Wolin

The New Authoritarianism - Vol 2: A Risk Analysis of the European Alt-Right Phenomenon

Alan Waring

National Reckonings - The Last Judgment and Literature in Milton’s England

Ryan Hackenbracht

The Pleasant Profession of Robert A Heinlein

Farah Mendlesohn

Marxist Literary Criticism Today

Barbara Foley

William Godwin - A Political Life

Richard Gough Thomas