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Comparative politics

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Securing India The Modi Way - Pathankot Surgical Strikes and More

Nitin A Gokhale

Digging into Chaos - Security Sector Reconstruction and State-Building in Afghanistan

Christiane Suchanek

The Democratic Developmental State - North-South Perspectives

Tor Halvorsen, Chris Tapscott, Teresita Cruz-del Rosario

The Politics of Secularism - Religion Diversity and Institutional Change in France and Turkey

Murat Akan

The Retreat of Western Liberalism

Edward Luce

Escaping the Escape - Toward Solutions for the Humanitarian Migration Crisis

Bertelsmann Stiftung

Inequality and Prosperity - Social Europe vs Liberal America

Jonas Pontusson

Our Ninety-Five Theses - 500 Years after the Reformation

Justo L. González, Alberto L. García

Ruled or Misruled - Story and Destiny of Bihar

Santosh Singh

The Antiegalitarian Mutation - The Failure of Institutional Politics in Liberal Democracies

Nadia Urbinati, Arturo Zampaglione

The Global Rise of Populism - Performance Political Style and Representation

Benjamin Moffitt

Unsettled Americans - Metropolitan Context and Civic Leadership for Immigrant Integration

Manuel Pastor, John Mollenkopf

Accidental Activists - Victim Movements and Government Accountability in Japan and South Korea

Celeste L. Arrington

The Reunited States of America - How We Can Bridge the Partisan Divide

Mark Gerzon

Settlers in Contested Lands - Territorial Disputes and Ethnic Conflicts

Neophytos Loizides, Oded Haklai

Socialist Revolution Rising?

Michael Mitchell

For a Europe with a Future - Plea for the Primacy of Social Europe

Wolfgang Lemb

20 Reasons Socialism is BAD!!!

Charles Spencer

Feverish Student Power of Hong Kong: Hotheads in Hardhats

Terry Nettle

The Spanish Frustration - How a Ruinous Empire Thwarted the Nation-State

Josep M. Colomer

Democracy's Leadership Deficit Can Democracy Deliver Good Leadership?

Terry Nettle

Discourses on Livy

Niccolo Machiavelli

Rules for Deplorables: A Primer for Fighting Radical Socialism

Cathi Chamberlain

Making Civility Great Again - Improving Face to Face Communication in an Age of Chaos

Steven Wells, Kim Kerrigan

The Mouse Who Poked an Elephant


Jordanian Political System

Prof. Amin Al-Mashaqbeh


Thomas Hobbes

Democracy In America

Alexis de Tocqueville

God knoweth how to deliver the Godly out of temptation

Mark Smith

Debating to Win Arguments Mastery - The Debating Trilogy

R. L. Greene, Reina Donovan