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Political ideologies

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Oleksandr Zinchenko, Volodymyr Viatrovych, Maksym Maiorov

America's Culture War - 2020 DiVision

Stephen L. Grant

Tracking the Rise of the Radical Right Globally - CARR Yearbook 2018 2019


MillenniALL - How to claim your future in the Age of the Millennial

Sean Purcell

Tomorrow's World Order

David Gomadza

A New American Creed - The Eclipse of Citizenship and Rise of Populism

David H. Kamens

Let's Have a Conversation - Respect Truth Trust Matter

Barbara M. Hoover

Checking Progressive Privilege

Carrie L. Lukas

Stalin’s Secret Police - A history of the CHEKA OGPU NKVD SMERSH & KGB: 1917–1991

Rupert Butler


Simon Tormey

The Women's Revolution - Russia 1905–1917

Judy Cox

Old Whigs - Burke Lincoln and the Politics of Prudence

Greg Weiner

The Divine Plan

Paul Kengor, Robert Orlando

The New Authoritarians - Convergence on the Right

David Renton

Red Star Over the Third World

Vijay Prashad

The Beginnings of the American People

Carl Lotus Becker

The Declaration of Independence: A Study in the History of Political Ideas

Carl Lotus Becker

The Early Beginnings of USA - The Beginnings of the American People The Eve of the Revolution The Declaration of Independence—A Study in the History of Political Ideas

Carl Lotus Becker

The Eve of the Revolution - A Chronicle of the Breach With England

Carl Lotus Becker

The New Authoritarianism - Vol 2: A Risk Analysis of the European Alt-Right Phenomenon

Alan Waring

Marxist Literary Criticism Today

Barbara Foley

After the Flight 93 Election - The Vote that Saved America and What We Still Have to Lose

Michael Anton

The American Revolution: From the Rejection of the Stamp Act Until the Final Victory - Complete History of the Uprising; Including Key Speeches and Documents of the Epoch: First Charter of Virginia Mayflower Compact The Stamp Act Continental Association Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson, John Fiske, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, George Washington, William Bradford

Keywords - The New Language of Capitalism

Patrick John Leary

Patriotism Is Not Enough - Harry Jaffa Walter Berns and the Arguments that Redefined American Conservatism

Steven F. Hayward

Blaming Immigrants - Nationalism and the Economics of Global Movement

Neeraj Kaushal

Alexander Dubček Unknown (1921–1992) - The Life of a Political Icon

Josette Baer Hill

Leaflets of the Russian Revolution - Socialist Organizing in 1917

Barbara C. Allen

Empire of Hope - The Sentimental Politics of Japanese Decline

David Leheny

The Once and Future Worker - A Vision for the Renewal of Work in America

Oren Cass