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Political science & theory

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The Decline and Rise of Democracy - A Global History from Antiquity to Today

David Stasavage

Freedom Resentment and the Metaphysics of Morals

Pamela Hieronymi

What Is Political Philosophy?

Charles Larmore

Allegories of America - Narratives Metaphysics Politics

Frederick M. Dolan

The Social Contract

Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Thomas Hobbes

The Divided States of America - Why Federalism Doesn't Work

Donald F. Kettl

The Loud Minority - Why Protests Matter in American Democracy

Daniel Q. Gillion

You Say You Want a Revolution? - Radical Idealism and Its Tragic Consequences

Daniel Chirot

Just Hierarchy - Why Social Hierarchies Matter in China and the Rest of the World

Daniel A. Bell, Wang Pei

Divided Armies - Inequality and Battlefield Performance in Modern War

Jason Lyall

Royal Progress - Canada's Monarchy in the Age of Disruption

D. Michael Jackson

Capitalism on Edge - How Fighting Precarity Can Achieve Radical Change Without Crisis or Utopia

Albena Azmanova

The Age of Hiroshima

Michael D. Gordin, G. John Ikenberry

Anarchaeologies - Reading as Misreading

Erin Graff Zivin

Technologies of Critique

Willy Thayer

Race Is about Politics - Lessons from History

Jean-Frédéric Schaub

I Am the People - Reflections on Popular Sovereignty Today

Partha Chatterjee

The Virtues of Economy - Governance Power and Piety in Late Medieval Rome

James A. Palmer

Give and Take - Developmental Foreign Aid and the Pharmaceutical Industry in East Africa

Nitsan Chorev

Utopophobia - On the Limits (If Any) of Political Philosophy

David Estlund

Fearing the Worst - How Korea Transformed the Cold War

Samuel F. Wells

Voices from the Chinese Century - Public Intellectual Debate from Contemporary China

Joshua Fogel, Timothy Cheek, David Ownby

The North American Arctic - Themes in Regional Security

Dwayne Ryan Menezes, Heather N. Nicol

Unbearable Life - A Genealogy of Political Erasure

Arthur Bradley

Socialism Capitalism and Alternatives - Area Studies and Global Theories

Peter J. S. Duncan, Elisabeth Schimpfössl

Conspiring with the Enemy - The Ethic of Cooperation in Warfare

Yvonne Chiu

In Praise of Risk

Anne Dufourmantelle

A Desire Called America - Biopolitics Utopia and the Literary Commons

Christian Haines

Beautiful Country Burn Again - Democracy Rebellion and Revolution

Ben Fountain