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Political control & freedoms

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The Crime of Aggression - The Quest for Justice in an Age of Drones Cyberattacks Insurgents and Autocrats

Noah Weisbord

My Seditious Heart - Collected Nonfiction

Arundhati Roy

Standing Soldiers Kneeling Slaves - Race War and Monument in Nineteenth-Century America New Edition

Kirk Savage

The Most Beautiful Business on Earth - How to Be Successful with Forever Living Products

Rolf Kipp

Imagining Human Rights

Susanne Kaul, David Kim

The Mueller Report

Robert Mueller

The Social Media Upheaval

Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Why Europe Should Become a Republic! - A Political Utopia

Ulrike Guérot

The American Crisis

Thomas Paine

China Japan and the USA - Geopolitical Analysis on the Impact of Eastern Powers on United States

John Dewey

The Essential Works of Thomas Paine - Common Sense The Rights of Man & The Age of Reason Speeches Letters and Biography

Thomas Paine

The Left Behind - Decline and Rage in Small-Town America

Robert Wuthnow

Justice for Some - Law and the Question of Palestine

Noura Erakat

The Girl From Kathmandu - Twelve Dead Men and a Woman's Quest for Justice

Cam Simpson

Rights as Weapons - Instruments of Conflict Tools of Power

Clifford Bob

Of Privacy and Power - The Transatlantic Struggle over Freedom and Security

Henry Farrell, Abraham L. Newman

Operation Toussaint

Russell Brunson, Nick Nanton, Tim Ballard

Same Shit Different Government - Book 1 - The Corruption & the Intimidation

Mike Hampton

The Myth of International Protection - War and Survival in Congo

Claudia Seymour

Emergency Chronicles - Indira Gandhi and Democracy's Turning Point

Gyan Prakash

The Torture Machine - Racism and Police Violence in Chicago

Flint Taylor

Antiracism - An Introduction

Alex Zamalin

Political Survivors - The Resistance the Cold War and the Fight against Concentration Camps after 1945

Emma Kuby

Lynching - Violence Rhetoric and American Identity

Ersula J. Ore

Generation Citizen - The Power of Youth in Our Politics

Scott Warren

On Freedom

Cass R. Sunstein

Arab New York - Politics and Community in the Everyday Lives of Arab Americans

Emily Regan Wills

175 Years of Persecution - A History of the Babis and Baha'is of Iran

Fereydun Vahman

The Toss of a Coin - voices from a modern crisis

Rory O'Keeffe

The Feminist Papers - A Vindication of the Rights of Women

Mary Wollstonecraft