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Political activism

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NGOs as Newsmakers - The Changing Landscape of International News

Matthew Powers

Boko Haram - The History of an African Jihadist Movement

Alexander Thurston

Al-Qaeda & Islamic State: History Doctrine Modus Operandi and US Strategy to Degrade and Defeat Terrorism Conducted in the Name of Sunni Islam - Sunni Islamic Orthodoxy Salafism Wahhabism Muslim Brotherhood Base of the Jihad Bin Laden From the Islamic State to the Caliphate Recommendati...

Strategic Studies Institute, Paul Kamolnick

The Palestine-Israel Conflict - Fourth Edition - A Basic Introduction

Gregory Harms, Todd M. Ferry

The Quartet by Joseph J Ellis | Summary & Analysis - Orchestrating the Second American Revolution 1783-1789

Instaread Instaread

Wolf Whistle Politics - The New Misogyny in America Today

Diane Wachtell

Summary and Analysis of Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS - Based on the Book by Joby Warrick

Worth Books

America's Secret Jihad - The Hidden History of Religious Terrorism in the United States

Stuart Wexler

Artwash - Big Oil and the Arts

Mel Evans

After bin Laden - Al Qaeda the Next Generation

Abdel Bari Atwan

Small World Big Ideas - There's an Activist in All of Us and You Don't Have to Shout to be Heard

Satish Kumar

Is This Your First War? - Travels Through the Post-9 11 Islamic World

Michael Petrou

Nation of Cowards - Black Activism in Barack Obama’s Post-Racial America

David H. Ikard, Martell Lee Teasley

With Us and Against Us - How America's Partners Help and Hinder the War on Terror

Stephen Tankel

Putin’s Asymmetric Assault on Democracy in Russia and Europe - Implications for US National Security

Christopher Sampson

Burning Country - Syrians in Revolution and War

Robin Yassin-Kassab, Leila Al-Shami

Renegade - The Life and Times of Darcus Howe

Robin Bunce, Paul Field

The 9 11 Commission Report - Full and Complete Account of the Circumstances Surrounding the September 11 2001 Terrorist Attacks

Kelly Moore, Thomas R. Eldridge, Susan Ginsburg, Walter T. Hempel II, Janice L. Kephart, Joanne M. Accolla, States The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United

Who Becomes a Terrorist and Why? - The Psychology and Sociology of Terrorism

Rex A. Hudson

What's Wrong with Rights? - Social Movements Law and Liberal Imaginations

Radha D'Souza

Stand Up! - How to Get Involved Speak Out and Win in a World on Fire

Gordon Whitman

Rise of iWar - Identity Information and the Individualization of Modern Warfare

Glenn J. Voelz

The Art of Being Governed - Everyday Politics in Late Imperial China

Michael Szonyi

The Republic of Virtue - How We Tried to Ban Corruption Failed and What We Can Do About It

F. H. Buckley

A Theory of ISIS - Political Violence and the Transformation of the Global Order

Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou

Remember Mississippi - How Chris McDaniel Exposed the GOP Establishment and Inspired a Revolution

Ryan S. Walters

Forcing Choice - The Risky Reward of Referendums

J. Patrick Boyer

The Regiment - 15 Years in the SAS

Rusty Firmin

Student Revolt - Voices of the Austerity Generation

Matt Myers

Red International and Black Caribbean - Communists in New York City Mexico and the West Indies 1919-1939

Margaret Stevens