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Political ideologies

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Extracting Profit - Imperialism Neoliberalism and the New Scramble for Africa

Lee Wengraf

The Extreme Gone Mainstream - Commercialization and Far Right Youth Culture in Germany

Cynthia Miller-Idriss

John Stuart Mill: Life Life Lessons & Achievements - Childhood and Early Education Moral Influences in Early Youth Youthful Propagandism Completion of the "System of Logic" Publication of the "Principles of Political Economy" Parliamentary Life

John Stuart Mill

Storming Heaven - Second Edition - Class Composition and Struggle in Italian Autonomist Marxism

Steve Wright

The Leadership Genius of Julius Caesar - Modern Lessons from the Man Who Built an Empire

Phillip Barlag

On Anarchism

Noam Chomsky

The Naked God - The Writer and the Communist Party

Howard Fast

The Incredible Tito - Man of the Hour

Howard Fast

God's Harvard - A Christian College on a Mission to Save America

Hanna Rosin

Brexit and Beyond - Rethinking the Futures of Europe

Benjamin Martill, Uta Staiger

Laughing at Political Correctness - How many lightbulbs does it take to change a liberal?

David Cook

Who Becomes a Terrorist and Why? - The Psychology and Sociology of Terrorism

Rex A. Hudson

Revolutionary Studies - Theory History People

Paul LeBlanc

Dare We Be Christians

Walter Rauschenbusch

"Unto Me"

Walter Rauschenbusch

The Same Night Awaits Us All

Hristo Karastoyanov

Christianity and the Social Crisis

Walter Rauschenbusch

The Path of Labor - Theme: Christianity and the World's Workers

Walter Rauschenbusch, M. Katharine Bennett, Grace Scribner, John E. Calfee, A. J. McKelway, L. H. Hammond, Miriam L. Woodberry

A Theology for the Social Gospel

Walter Rauschenbusch

Eyewitnesses to the Russian Revolution

Todd Chretien

How We Get Free - Black Feminism and the Combahee River Collective

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Culture as Politics - Selected Writings

Christopher Caudwell

Boko Haram - The History of an African Jihadist Movement

Alexander Thurston

October Song

Paul LeBlanc

The Hungarian Far Right - Social Demand Political Supply and International Context

Péter Krekó, Attila Juhász

“Spirits that I’ve cited … ?” - Vladimír Clementis (1902–1952) The Political Biography of a Czechoslovak Communist

Josette Baer

Social Reproduction Theory - Remapping Class Recentering Oppression

Tithi Bhattacharya

Open to Debate - How William F Buckley Put Liberal America on the Firing Line

Heather Hendershot

Choosing Donald Trump - God Anger Hope and Why Christian Conservatives Supported Him

Stephen Mansfield

Clara Zetkin on Fascism - The Marxist View 1923

Clara Zetkin