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Political science & theory

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Vulnerability Politics - The Uses and Abuses of Precarity in Political Debate

Katie Oliviero

Indefensible - Democracy Counterrevolution and the Rhetoric of Anti-Imperialism

Rohini Hensman

State of Repression - Iraq under Saddam Hussein

Lisa Blaydes

The Grand Strategy of the Habsburg Empire

A. Wess Mitchell

The Ecocentrists - A History of Radical Environmentalism

Keith Makoto Woodhouse

A European Crisis: Perspectives on Refugees Solidarity and Europe

Timofey Agarin, Nevena Nancheva

The Diversity Bonus - How Great Teams Pay Off in the Knowledge Economy

Scott E. Page

The Art of War

Sun Tzu

Simplifying Complexity - Rhetoric and the Social Politics of Dealing with Ignorance

George E. Yoos

Post-Soviet Russia - A Journey Through the Yeltsin Era

Roy Medvedev

Perpetual Euphoria - On the Duty to Be Happy

Pascal Bruckner

Genealogies of Terrorism - Revolution State Violence Empire

Verena Erlenbusch-Anderson

Political Hypocrisy - The Mask of Power from Hobbes to Orwell and Beyond Revised Edition

David Runciman

The Black Circle - A Life of Alexandre Kojève

Jeff Love

Restating Orientalism - A Critique of Modern Knowledge

Wael Hallaq

Jordan and the Arab Uprisings - Regime Survival and Politics Beyond the State

Curtis R. Ryan

The Annotated Secessionist Papers - Second Edition

Thomas DiLorenzo, Kirkpatrick Sale, Michael P Pierce, Walter Block, Barry Clark, Donald Livingston, Thomas Woods, Kevin Clauson, Gene Kizer, Forrest MacDonald, Brian McCandliss

Secularism and Cosmopolitanism - Critical Hypotheses on Religion and Politics

Étienne Balibar

Basic Political Concepts

Paul deLespinasse

Liberalism - The Life of an Idea Second Edition

Edmund Fawcett

Psychology of a Superpower - Security and Dominance in US Foreign Policy

Christopher Fettweis

The World-Ending Fire - The Essential Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry

Boris Nemtsov and Russian Politics - Power and Resistance

Andrey Makarychev, Alexandra Yatsyk

American Immanence - Democracy for an Uncertain World

Michael S. Hogue

Citizen and Subject - Contemporary Africa and the Legacy of Late Colonialism

Mahmood Mamdani

From Selma to Moscow - How Human Rights Activists Transformed US Foreign Policy

Sarah B. Snyder

GAME CHANGER Eight Weeks That Transformed British Politics - Inside Corbyn’s Election Machine

Steve Howell

The Canadian Kingdom - 150 Years of Constitutional Monarchy

D. Michael Jackson

Envy in Politics

Gwyneth H. McClendon

To Dare More Boldly - The Audacious Story of Political Risk

John C. Hulsman